BigBen Controller Grip Holder for PlayStation Vita

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The PS Vita is an excellent portable gaming device but if you’ve got large hands, or basically you’re an adult that owns it, you might find it feels a bit small. I’m an adult, and I’m a gamer, and I like the PS Vita, but it feels small to me, like I’m going to drop it all of the time. Today for review I have the BigBen Controller Grip which is a holder for the PS Vita that locks the Vita into place and makes it bigger essentially and more comfortable it you’ve got large hands. The grip is rubberized for comfort and a non-slip grip, it also has a lock on it that literally locks your PS Vita into the holder so it won’t go anywhere while you’re using it. It’s a simple product but yet it can add so much to the PS Vita gaming experience. Read on to check it out…


Product Name: PS Vita BigBen Controller Grip Holder

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: My Trendy Phone

Price: 13.20 GBP / $19.82

Fully enjoy the motion sensing features of your PS Vita.
Simple, quick and secured installation of your console.
Access to all functions of PS Vita.
Soft touch coating for improved comfort


The BigBen PS Vita Controller Grip was provided by My Trendy Phone for review where you can also find iPad mini Accessories, iPad 4 Accessories and even Nintendo Wii Accessories.



The Review::


The BigBen Controller Grip comes in a box actually, or most of a box, the front is mostly all window.



The back has the basic specs and features listed for you.



Inside you won’t find much, just a plastic box with the controller inside of it for protection.



The grip kind of reminds me a Batman, it just has that look to it. It’s plastic of course so it’s lightweight but it feels sturdy and well made. The entire grip has a rubber coating over the surface so it doesn’t slip out of your hands.



On the bottom of the front is a sliding lock that slides forward and literally locks your PS Vita into place.



When you unlock the front lock the whole section of the grip slides freely, then once your Vita is in place you just slide the section into place to hold the Vita.




The back of the grip s mostly all wide open for the rear touchscreen and there’s a cut-out section for the camera.



Here’s my Vita, it does have a skin on it that I reviewed here before.



You put the Vita into the BigBen grip by first sliding the top in place and then the bottom and then locking it into place.



Here’s how the lock works with the Vita in the grip:



The lock works very well, you really can’t remove the Vita when it’s locked into place.



I did find that if I’m not careful the grip will actually push my skin, it catches the edge of the skin and lifts it up actually. So if you have a skin on your Vita you’ll have to be careful using this type of grip with it.

Here’s the back of the grip with the PS Vita in place, the touchscreen is not blocked at all by the grip. The camera isn’t blocked either.



To test it I played games of course, how else would you test it right?!  The BigBen grip really does make playing games on the PS Vita more enjoyable. The Vita itself feels more stable in my hands now, I can really get a good grip on it as it were. The Vita is thin and small but with the grip the Vita feels much better.




The BigBen controller grip for the PS Vita is one of those must-have accessories in my opinion , at least if you’re an adult gamer anyway. The grip makes the Vita more manageable and stable, and and gaming s just more enjoyable really.

The grip has a price of just under $20 and that’s a bit high ad I’ve seen other ones much less expensive.  The build quality is excellent and the lock really does hold the PS Vita in place.

The grip can possibly remove any skins that you might have on your Vita as it’s a tight fit. The tight fit is good as it does hold the Vita in place very well, you won’t have to worry about it falling out ever.

I for one never leave home now without a grip now for my Vita, it just makes using the Vita more enjoyable and just plain better.



9-10-award reco-award


+Locks the PS Vita into place
+Comfortable to use
+Quality made product
+Makes playing games better or more fun
-Bigger than others out there
-Can remove any skin that might be on your Vita

Scores:: 9 out of 10
Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Value / Price: score-9-10
Build Quality: score-10-10
Usability: score-10-10

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