Testing and Methodology

Everyone likes different things, we might love a game/product that you hate and you’ll disagree with us, that’s ok though, we’re allowed to disagree. Just because something gets a perfect score does not mean it’s a perfect game or product, it just means it’s done very well overall, and it meets or exceeds the expectations set by the publisher/creator/manufacturer.


Some things to keep in mind:

1. All of our products we receive for review are tested and examined with an objective mind.

2. There is no bias towards any product or company

3. All products are treated equally and evaluated individually and then compared to others similar where applicable.

4. Most products received for review are the property of Review the Tech and its staff to do with as we please: keep, give away, or sell to pay for cost of running site.

4a. There are times when a company will request a product be returned after the review is completed, ‘loaners’ as they are called in the business. The company and not the reviewer is responsible for return shipping costs. The company is responsible to make sure it is known before the item is sent that it is a loaner review item.

5. All products are evaluated with many factors including but not limited to and where applicable:

  • Materials quality
  • Aesthetics
  • Design, usability, compatibility
  • Performance
  • Installation

6. All effort is put forth to achieve equal testing for all products, this means that we will do everything to insure an equal testing environment for each product when comparisons are included. (i.e. temperatures during testing on a CPU cooler will be the same for all tests on all coolers compared, the same type of thermal compound will be used as well to achieve truly equal testing results for comparison purposes.)


How We Review:

Actual product reviews will be rated on a 1 to 10 scale with several factors taken into account where applicable.

-Value / Price

-Build Quality

-Performance where applicable

-Compatibility where applicable


-Usability / Installation Process

and an Overall score or average of the combined above.


Games will be reviewed similarly but with different things taken into account where applicable:




-Story / Theme

and then the Overall as well.



As far as disclosure, many of the products we review are bought by us, but from time to time we’ll get some for review by companies. We don’t get paid by these companies to review their products, and the fact that they gave it to us for free has no bearing or influence on our opinion of the product.

At the bottom of each review you’ll see this as well:

Disclosure: Products are given to Review the Tech for review by the company for review purposes only, and are not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.



Any questions at all about this or any of our testing methodology please feel free to contact us using the ‘Contact us‘ link found above in the menu.

If you wish to submit a product for review, and agree to the terms of product reviews, then please feel free to contact us at the same link as well.



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