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Technology is everywhere; it’s permeated our lives to the point of saturation really. There’s no doubt that the majority of the world can’t go through a day without using technology of some kind.  All tech is not created equal though as I’m sure you know. The goal of this site is to take a look at all things tech, and make that look be objective and subjective, a combination of both if you will.

We’re going to do more than just review things, we’re going to show you the tech behind it, try and explain it so it’s easy to understand for everyone.

Where applicable we’ll explain things about each product we review with lots of pictures and not so many words. Things will be technical at times, but we’ll try and make it easy for everyone to understand. The key is simplicity I think, more pictures less words, but more words where applicable of course.

Review the Tech is a review site yes, but hopefully it’s much more than that. It’s going to be ever evolving to provide the latest and greatest tech to the masses and our readers.

Our news will be the straight news, you won’t find cute descriptions of things, you’ll find the facts.

Here you’ll find not only reviews of tech, but gaming as well. Games are technology after all right?

So, please stop back and visit often, this site will be evolving all of the time.


If you need to contact me I can be reached at kbrozio @ gmail.com (remove the spaces of course)

Any News or Press Releases that you’d like to be posted should be sent to our news email at dsmnews @gmail.com

We accept most types of advertising, please email for info and pricing. Any banners or ads you see on the site can be replaced we new ads, those are the ad positions available.

We do not do free advertising, and no I won’t post your infographic that you sent me because you thought it was interesting because in reality it’s an ad and we all know that scam now.