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Double Charge Station for Wii Review

Do you find yourself spending money on batteries for your Wii? Rechargeable batteries are a great solution for gaming systems, but they’re usually rather expensive. Today for review I’ve got an inexpensive product from CTA Digital called the Double Charge Station. What  it entails is two battery packs for your Wii Remotes and a charging […]

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Thrustmaster Sports Pack + NW Review

There’s tons of accessories for the Wii, and many people claim they’re just pointless and stupid, but personally I like them. I think they add a new depth of realism to the games, they add fun really, playing tennis on the Wii is fine, but playing tennis on the Wii with a racket just seems […]

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AFTERGLOW AW.1 Wii Remote Review

The remotes for the Wii are rather plain, luckily though you can pick up aftermarket ones that are a bit stylish and colorful. I picked up the Afterglow AW.1 remote because I needed another one and I thought it looked cool. It’s from a company called PDP, and it features LEDs inside of it that […]

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