Why is League of Legends: LOL games get more popular in Thailand ?

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History of League of Legends: LOL games before it became popular in Thailand.

First released in 2009, this game is in the category of computer games that are regarded as the most played games in the Americas and Europe. Each month the number of players reaches 67 million until 2012 has developed a more interesting game format and that is why the game has become so popular in Asia. With the passion of playing this game at Choosing which champions or characters to use in the fight against enemy opponents. Where each champion has their own unique skills. It is up to the players to choose which character to be their lead, such as a champion, a prominent character in ranged attacks. A champion that is good at melee combat, or a champion with the distinction of casting spells to destroy opponents. In which players can plan the fight and attack the opponent with speed and capture as much space as possible. It became the reason why the game continues to be popular and the number of new players is increasing all the time.
LOL ESPORTS Online Games League of Legends

LOL ESPORTS, or League of Legends games, MOBA games combine the speed and intensity of RTS (Real Time Strategy), real-time strategy and RPG (Role-playing game). In which here I will talk about the games in all areas It is a meeting of 5 people on both sides of 5, each of which has a variety of attack and release skills or items. When playing, they will evolve and fight. To destroy buildings of the other party Each of which will have a variety as follows Far attackers are divided into magic power (AP) and normal attack (AD), with the magic power hitting strong skills at the beginning of the game, perfect for mid lane.

The close attacker, the fist tolerant, or the defender of the abortion group (paw defender) are often the martyrs who accept the paw for a friend or the tougher with the ability to help a friend well. Stop, etc. Later, the bastards who fought had enough miscarriages or we can call it in the game fighters or fighters. They tend to have a good amount of damage and are quite thick. Makes it possible to apply a good deal of damage or blood.

MOBA (MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena) or Action real-time strategy MOBA is a mix of action games with real-time strategy games. In the original team game, 1 player had to control one hero, each hero was different in many areas, such as blood, attack, one hero skill, which was a powerful unit.

Bet on online games or E-SPORTS no deposit bonus verification, the full name is Electronic Sports, it is simply called this game competition. There are many games in the e-sports camp, whether it is Shooting or MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena), which requires planning, strategy, and team play. No different from playing sports in general It is a type of electronic sport that includes both individual and team types, evolving from traditional gaming. Which is very popular among teenagers Or a new generation who likes online games