How To Track A Mobile Phone On Android

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Do you love your phone too much to leave it anywhere alone? Or did your phone recently get stolen? Do you want to access or erase data on your phone remotely? Android is the most popular platform for smartphones, and there are millions of mobile devices running Android OS on them.


how to track a mobile phone

Wondering how to track a mobile phone? Worry not! Google has left no stone unturned to ensure that your smartphone gets the best security features possible. There are a lot of ways to track the location of your mobile phone including the official portal of the software developer such as Google Android or other less reliable third party software with different levels of misleading information.

What if you doubted whether tracking mobile phone is legal? Access to someone’s computer is illegal or smartphone browsing without permission. This is precisely why detectives cannot lawfully achieve access to anyone’s mobile phone to set up a tracking gadget or any app unless if you be in possession of the phone.

To track the cell phone, you need to obtain the permission to do so and use the first carrier’s tracking process by enabling GPS tracking. In case you don’t have the permission or you don’t own the device then you require engaging a good professional to do the job for you!

How It Works

One of the simplest ways to track your device is by turning on “Remotely locate this device” in “Security options” under the “Settings” menu. You only need to log in to your Android Device Manager on Google which then directly shows the location of your phone. The topmost major carriers in the country provide the option to track your device if they are linked with one of the accounts. For those of you who own the phone and want to track it, here is a quick guide to saving your time and energy:

Verizon Users: The Locator of Verizon Family does locate the family members of yours and also receive the automatic location status updates. It also provides you the option of creating hotspots which send you the notifications as and at the time of your family members arrives or departs from these locations.


T-Mobile Users: T-Mobile Family app can be easily downloaded and installed on any Android device. In case you are on a non-android device you then need to administer the preferred app from the T-Mobile account of yours. Just like the previous app, this also gives you actual updates of your valued family members’ locations and schedules automatic updates for you.

AT&T Users: The AT&T FamilyMap is a brilliant app which gives you the freedom to access the location history. Additionally, you also receive updates if your phone leaves a dedicated area.

Sprint Family Locator: It offers a suite of applications called Guardian. A range of its functions let you track your family members’ locations, and you receive continuous updates throughout the day.

So what if you are using carriers other than the ones listed above? Does that ring bell in your mind? The default carrier apps are the simplest ways to track your device, but they lack extensive functionality and utility. Consequently, there is a plethora of third party software which can help you track your phone’s location faster. Snoopza spy apps for android is the best place which provides the comprehensive solution to your mobile tracking requirements.

  • It saves conversation with exact times and dates of outgoing, incoming, and missed calls.
  • Records any call/voice message seamlessly.
  • Saves MMS and SMS conversation on any device.
  • Snoopza works just like a spy, and the target phone doesn’t get the even slightest hint of getting tracked.
  • It is social media intensive, i.e., activities on FB, Snapchat, Viber, etc. can be easily traced.
  • It automatically generates screenshot to keep the record of important information.
  • Track Camera feature clicks photo or screenshot as soon as the target phone is unlocked.
  • It continues to work even after sim replacement.
  • Snoopza also keeps all the record of every website visited by people using the target device and also tracks the browser history.
  • The functionality increases further because of Stealth Mode and To-Do List tracking which saves information of all the to-do and calendar activities being updated on the target phone by its users.