4 Ways that installing Windows 10 can help you at home

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Microsoft windows is one of the most popular operating systems out there and for a good reason. Microsoft always comes up with new operating systems that are more efficient and that have better security features, than the previous generations of the company’s operating systems. One of Microsoft’s best and latest operating systems is windows 10, and you can gain a lot by upgrading to Windows 10. To give you a clear picture as to why making the upgrade to windows 10 is a good idea, let’s take a look at 4 ways that installing Windows 10 can help you at home.

1. Windows 10 allows you to diagnose the operating systems yourself

Unlike previous versions of the Windows Operating System, you can easily diagnose your computer at home and resolve issues without incurring any expenses. For instance, you can use the wmi provider host to resolve the issue of increased CPU usage that some people report after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This is an issue that would previously be problematic to resolve without the input of a computer technician. This means upgrading to Windows 10 saves you money.

2. It comes with an AI personal assistant

If you have problems with windows 7 or other lower windows operating systems, who do you talk to? You can either talk to Microsoft support, or get a technician to help you out. Unfortunately, these two options are not the most accessible, which can be quite inconveniencing. The good news is that with an upgrade to Windows 10, you get access to a 24/7 virtual assistant known as Cortana. With Cortana, you can take advantage of advanced artificial intelligence to resolve all your Windows 10 issues in the comfort of your home.

3. It has an easy to understand graphical user interface

One thing that hinders many people from upgrading from one operating system to the other is the time it takes to adapt to the new one. It sometimes takes help from people who might not always be there or even be willing to help out for free, to understand some of these operating systems. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with such issues once you upgrade to Windows 10. You get to enjoy an easy transition. That’s because it’s designed with users of Windows 7 and 8 in mind. As such, you get to enjoy all the security and efficiency benefits that come with Windows 10, without having to bother anyone to help you out with the upgrade.

4. Windows 10 will have hologram technology in the near future

If you love 3D videos as most people do, then Windows 10 is the operating system for you. By upgrading to Windows 10, you will get to enjoy the next generation of video technology right from your home. All you have to do is get the necessary auxiliary equipment to complete your home-based 3D holographic video projection. That’s something you cannot enjoy with the other generations Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7 and 8.