Are Board Games Still Relevant Today?

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Sure, when you stumble upon the term of “board game”, you might think that it sounds old, something dated that has been rendered obsolete by now, in this new-age era of speed and technology. If that is your opinion, then you could be in for a surprise. It is only to be expected that each and every little kind of game would try to remain relevant as the gaming business progresses, by evolving, adding extra features and generally, anything that would bring it closer to the taste of the player of today, veteran gamers and newbie enthusiasts alike. Board games are none to diverge from that rule.

Taking a look at a title that has rich history and an army of years behind as a successful and popular game, mahjong is one such board game that will not allow itself to passively drift into the shadows. This is no mean feat for something that originates way back from the era of China’s final imperial dynasty, the Qing Empire. In order to put together a small description of it, the game is tile-based, having the objective of arranging, pairing and collecting different sets of tiles, to put it simply; it also has many variations along its many elements, depending on many a thing, like the area location it is played in (as different Chinese regions have added to and diversified the rules of this piece of their culture, blending it with local colours).

So, how exactly does it stay present in today’s big gaming world? One main answer would be that it has transcended to the virtual space and now any curious person can play mahjong free online. Not only among dedicated sites or ones revolving around its genre, but even the gambling world found some room within their ranks for this old buster, so that nowadays you could be experiencing some spruced-up mahjong, now clearly a solid block to build on, which involves a few wagering factors – after all, just another little twist that was added.

All in all, yes, board games are still relevant and will probably keep steering clear from being forgotten as they too can keep up with the times and technological advances and remain a pleasant and versatile activity, both for the older or newer public.