GOTRAX Launches New Line of Hoverboards and Rideables

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Some cool new hoverboards from Gotrax…  Full PR below for you…

GOTRAX™, a new Denver-based brand on a mission to boost imaginations and the possibilities for personal transportation into hyperdrive, announces today its line of hoverboard self-balancing scooters and electric rideables.


The GOTRAX™ GALAXY is beaming down its signature UL certified hoverboards, the HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY PLUS. These stellar self-balancing scooters allow Commanders to accelerate, stop and steer with a simple shift in body weight using advanced gyroscopic technology. Commanders can experience the zero-gravity feeling of hovering as they cosmic fun glide through the GALAXY.

Both the HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY PLUS are among the most powerful hoverboards in the cosmos, producing top-ranking extraterrestrial torque thanks to dual 350-watt electric motors (compared to typical competitors’ 250-300 watts) capable of propelling Commanders up to 7.4 miles-per-hour for 12 miles on a single charge.

Available in five Cosmic Colors, both models feature lunar-bright LED lights, durable, high-quality aluminum construction with an external shield, aluminum wheels and rubber tires. Multiple modes including a Training Mode for quick and easy flight training make it easy to be a master faster. All GOTRAX™ products are fully UL 2272 tested and certified for electrical, battery and charging safety.

The HOVERFLY PLUS combines the features of the HOVERFLY with a high-quality Bluetooth® speaker capable of kicking out the space jams. Commanders of the HOVERFLY PLUS can also deploy the iOS™/Android™ mobile app to turn devices into mobile command centers for tracking stats like battery life and speed. Commanders can unlock a Pro riding mode for customizable steering and acceleration capabilities and a warp speed of up to 11.2 miles per hour.

“GOTRAX™ aims to invigorate the electric-rideable market with a brand reflecting science, fun and a sense of adventure,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wakefield. “And this is only the beginning.”

Soon-to-launch will be the all-terrestrial-terrain HOVERFLY XL hoverboard and the HOVERFLY KART hoverboard accessory. With a universal design, the HOVERFLY KART is capable of transforming any HOVERFLY (and most other self-balancing scooters) into a galactic hoverboard go-kart. New electric scooters and ATVs will be the next to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

The GOTRAX™ HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY PLUS are available now at and on Amazon.


  • Designed in Denver
  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Lunar-bright LED lights
  • Cosmic Colors (Mars Red, Nebula Black, Neptune Blue, Planetary Purple, Pulsar Pink)
  • iOS/Android mobile app displays stats, unlocks “pro mode” (HOVERFLY PLUS)
  • Built-in Bluetooth® HQ audio speaker (HOVERFLY PLUS)
  • Easy learning system with Training Mode and Quick Launch Galaxy Guide
  • Top-ranking torque dual 350W motors (compared to 250W – 300W industry standard)
  • Range of up to 12 miles on a single charge
  • 7.4 mph top speed (11.2 mph w/ “pro mode” on HOVERFLY PLUS)
  • Durable construction featuring powerful external shield, aluminum wheels and 6.5-inch rubber tires
  • 220-pound weight capacity (44-pound minimum)
  • Fully charges in approximately one hour
  • Battery indicator lights