3 Ways that Cheat Engine Can Help Your Gaming Skills

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Whether you are a beginner or elite gamer of first-person shooting games (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), and other exciting video games, using a cheat engine can definitely help you discover more of the game and help develop your skills and making your overall experience worthwhile. For starters, a cheat engine is a versatile tool that you can use to debug, assemble, manipulate, speed hack, and scan single-player and multiplayer games. Currently, a cheat engine can only be used to modify games running on Windows operating system. But the number of options that you can do with this powerful tool is definitely limitless.


Several advantages that you can get from installing and using a cheat engine are mostly related to improving the graphics, configuring controls, fixing bugs, and helping you improve your game skills. Do note, however, that video game developers strongly prohibit the use of cheat engines to forge with the network traffic, to hack another player’s account or to generate in-game currency and items that are supposed to be paid for.

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Check out these top 3 ways that a cheat engine can help you improve your gaming skills and start playing your favorite video games in the best way you can ever imagine.

1. Configure the levels to make the game more challenging.

As explained before, using a cheat engine to your advantage will require you to read a lot of online articles and to watch video tutorials especially if you are a beginner. But with an extensive knowledge of this tool, you can manipulate different codes in the game to create a trainer mode. You can change any of the attributes of your character or the map depending on your goal. For example, you may challenge yourself in FPS games by generating tens of opponents while reducing your hit points to 1 and using only a single type of weapon. Using the cheat engine is also a perfect tool to create offline trainer maps that will surely help you overtake other players in no time.

2. Speed up the generation of resources to unlock items and other features.

Besides graphics and player attributes, you may also change the spawn rate of items, enemies, and much more. In some games, this hack can help you earn more in-game resources at a shorter period which you can use to unlock new levels, maps, items, and characters. Just remember that this feature only works for offline games. In online games, the servers keep track of your real progress in the game. Once you reconnect to the server, the number of resources and other statistics will be reverted back to the same values as during the last time you went online.

3. Manipulate 3D graphics

Every game has its own pre-defined set of camera views. But the available options are sometimes not the best ones. By using the cheat engine, you can manipulate 3D values to help you get a better view of the map. The feature is actually more useful in third person games such as League of Legends; giving you a wider vision for both of your offensive and defensive strategies.