How Gamification is Changing the Online Casino Industry

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Innovation is an important element in any fast growing industry. The main reason for this is as more and more people get exposed to your product and service, the more they get used to it. Not to mention rival companies will see your success and try to emulate you.

Online casinos have tried pushing the envelope with attractive and rewarding bonus offers, exclusive games, live games and even game style crossovers, but by now, those innovations have come to a head. People are seeking new challenges and a fresh approach to the casino industry that will reinvigorate their love of real money gaming.

Enter the latest concept in online casinos. Casino gamification.

What Is The Next Step In Casino Gaming?

Casino gamification means bringing elements from video games into the online casino fold.

The idea is that the features of video games that motivate players, make them competitive and make them play, can be added to a casino experience. These features will not only add to the player’s enjoyment but it will also encourage loyalty to the casino or a specific brand.

Gamification means literally making a casino game a videogame-like experience. This idea can be applied to essentially any online casino game, be it blackjack, slots or roulette. It can even be incorporated in multiple games at the same time.

Implementing Gamification

The question now is how this gamification will be incorporated. How will it alter the player’s experience? The elements that gamification will incorporate, will be for instance, adding a narrative to the proceeding.

It can be adding a leaderboard that will name and rank the best players at any given time. There can be the addition of unlockable content, or players can increase their experience and “level up” opening new game elements.

Involving Narratives

Adding a story to an online casino game is a great way to engage players and keep them entertained. The industry is full of simple games where you place your wagers and spin the wheel of chance with no added incentive to keep playing.

With a narrative structure, casino games can become much more involved and fulfilling. As an example, you can add a storyline to a blackjack game where you must work your way from being a small time gambler to a casino mogul.

Unlockable Features And Experience

Currently, a popular element to online gaming is unlockable content. These are easy features to add to the online casino industry. Unlockable content can work in one of two ways.

Either the content must be purchased, or the content must be unlocked by certain in-game achievements. For example, if you can make a wager exceeding a certain value in a blackjack game you will receive access to new tables or a new section in a virtual in-game casino. Unlockable content adds great incentives for players.

In game experience points and levelling up works much in the same way. The more you complete a certain action in the game world, the more experienced you become, granting you additional in access to new features, tables or characters to further the narrative.

Looking To The Future

Casino gamification is the next, natural step in online gaming. It will add much needed depth to the casino experience and will also keep players happy and entertained. It’s just one of the many ways the industry has evolved over the years, and it’s set to keep on shifting and changing as technology and ideas progress and advance.