Virtual Reality Roulette Becomes A Reality

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Virtual Reality or VR for short is a concept that harkens back to the 80’s and 90’s of the last century when futuristic technology encased the user in a whole new world of senses through a visor specifically made for that particular use. What was a gimmick in science fiction became a reality with the Oculus Rift – thanks to the young visionary and CEO of the now biggest company for VR in the world, Palmer Luckey, the race for real life implementation of all the benefits VR brings is well under way.

The technology and its applications are so revolutionary, the biggest social network in the world, Facebook quickly snagged the rising VR giant, and is now seeking to implement it on a way larger scale than mere gaming and gamers respectively (which is the first real target audience).

Gaming and gambling are of course very different subjects yet are very closely related to the race of the VR implementation, seeing how it enables a whole new level of immersion. Gambling apps are seeking to capitalize on this new technology, seeking to bridge the gap between the player and the game. You can check some of the latest trends in mobile gaming by checking the mobile casino games available to US players.

While the whole market is still “recovering” from the mobile casino craze, there are industry leaders who have the bold plan to implement VR in their existing portfolio. Microgaming – the casino software developer who has introduced the first online casino in 1995, unveiled a live demo of their first VR game – VR roulette. It was at their expo for future technologies and it was the real highlight of the event.


Basically what Microgaming have done was utilizing the latest VR kit from Oculus – the Rift TK2 and use it to project the player into a virtual roulette room where the game takes action. It is truly an amazing experience thanks to the fully immersive capabilities of Oculus Rift and the tracking technology that enables players to both look around and interact with the table in order to place bets and more.

This is but the beginning for a whole line of VR projects for Microgaming however – they are still testing, still field researching the possible titles that might get the VR treatment and if we judge by Microgaming’s portfolio alone – there’s a list ripe with potential. What is interesting to note from the entire experience is the excellent use of the technology at hand – not only does the Rift manage to blur the lines between what we perceive as “playing roulette” but you get the thrill and rush which you can experience at a real brick and mortar casino… and you are also in space, playing against a giant metal robot. It is truly an amazing technology and we can’t wait to get our hands on a working demo just so we can lose ourselves in its VR awesomeness.