Mobile & Social Gamers

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In the year 2000, only 20 million people were interested in social gaming, however over the last decade and a half, the pastime has really taken off. Thanks to the rise of the internet and, of course, smartphones, today, North America has more than 211 million mobile and social gamers, who are all, it seems, addicted to playing games on their mobile devices. It is easy to see why mobile gaming is so popular when you look at the breadth of game types that are available and the options that are open to players today.

As well as classic gaming apps and arcade favorites, there are increasing numbers of sites that bring top casino games with the opportunity to win jackpots within easy reach of gamers. Sites like are being visited more and more by gamers on the go who want to pass the time while on the move playing their favorite games.

So why is mobile gaming so popular?

Accessibility is probably the key factor. Nearly everyone today has a smartphone or tablet device that they take with them wherever they go. Unlike a PC which is tethered to the house and unlike a laptop which is still relatively inconvenient and bulky, a mobile can simply be pulled out of a pocket whenever there is a moment of downtime and can be used to instantly access any gaming site of choice. This allows players to pop in and out of their favorite games whenever they have a moment spare – when they’re riding the bus, standing in line or waiting for the kids to come out of school.

Some mobile gaming is done by download, which is much more convenient that having to go to a local store and actually having to purchase a game disc. While many gaming consoles still require physical games to operate, a mobile device can simply download a title and it is there, ready to play, within just a few seconds. Other mobile games, such as casino titles, can often be down through an optimized website via a mobile web browser which is even more convenient as no memory will be taken up. Players can simply access their favorite titles straight away without even having to wait for a download.

There is an impressive variety of gaming titles available on mobile devices these days, and players can enjoy cutting edge sound and graphics too. Mobile gaming is no longer a poor second to the PC as software developers have recognized this burgeoning and thriving market and have catered to the needs of mobile gamers, providing them with the high quality performance that modern players expect. This impressive quality is only getting better as time goes on and this market’s full potential is realized.

Mobile games are also cheap to download and to play. In fact many titles are even free. While console games can still set you back a fair sum, you can download games for a fraction of the cost to play on a mobile device and still enjoy great gameplay.