2016’s Best Gaming Gadgets

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The gaming arena is one that has truly embraced the latest and greatest technological trends as gamers seek an evermore immersive and satisfying playing experience.

From revolutionary virtual reality headsets to effortless tablet tech capable of delivering superfast online games, there’s never been a better time to get gaming than right now.

Certain gamers have really put in the effort in maximizing their gaming setup with some monster PC packages that are capable of handling even the most processor-taxing titles like Dying Light and Far Cry 4. The high-end gaming PC build arena is something that’s really developed over the past few years with gamers thinking nothing of spending thousands on the perfect set-up.

But if you don’t have $30,000 to spend on your gaming rig, then there’s plenty of more lightweight gaming alternatives that can offer some surprising power from the comfort of a mobile device. Apple’s iPad 9.7 Pro is surely the best tablet out there that can tackle the touchscreen battle-arena fun of the likes of Vainglory.

Whereas even the simple-yet-effective games of online roulette that can be found here at the Betway site can be made all the more luxurious thanks to the latest wave of smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 that even has special water-cooling features to cater for an exhaustive gaming session!

But it’s virtual reality that has truly pushed the boundaries of gaming tech. This year has already seen the likes of Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive aiming to get a head start upon of the highly anticipated launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR later this autumn.


However, even these luxury consumer items pale in comparison to the impressive virtual reality endeavors of the Virtuix Omni that encourages a more active gaming experience that thankfully overcomes those motion sickness concerns that have plagued early VR efforts.

Making the gaming experience more immersive has always been the holy grail for games software and hardware developers. And the tactile gaming experience is one that’s been investigated to great effect in the fledgling wearables market, whereas the AFGT gaming device is a silicone pad that is able to respond to subtle changes in user pressure to provide a weirdly realistic sense of touch to the modern game playing experience.

And with even our televisions starting to look a lot more like games consoles thanks to the pioneering efforts of Apple TV, it looks like whether we’re playing online roulette or the latest battle arena game, we’ll be enjoying plenty of great gaming gadgets in the future!




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