Cell Tower Leases: Negotiation Tactics

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Information is power. This is a fact that is especially important when it comes to discussing a better deal with cell tower leases. You have to be able to anticipate the issues that will arise when deciding the value of your lease.

In most instances, not having enough information about your property or the mediation process may result in heavy losses for the landowner. This is why it is generally helpful to have the expertise of professionals such as TowerPoint Capital. It is always best, however to educate yourself about a few things first. Here is what will help you gain the upper-hand in a cell tower lease negotiation:

Know Your Worth

To be able to negotiate the best deal possible, you have to first know exactly what your land is worth. The value of the land is based on many different factors. The location, in particular, will have a large impact on how much cell companies would be willing to pay for property. It is always best to get your land evaluated by a reputable source. It is this information that will allow you to discover just how desirable your land is to cell companies. This will provide you with a good base point from which to begin negotiations.

Get Accurate Information

It is important to always have access to precise and up to date information. This, too, can be a deciding factor in how much you receive for your property. It may be tempting to ask other cell land owners how much they are being paid for their land. This, however, is a faulty measure of the amount that you should request from a cell company. That particular proprietor may have less valuable land or may have simply negotiated a bad deal with a cell company. This, in fact, is a tactic that cell companies rely on. They can use this form of estimation to keep the prices low for several cell towers that they may own.


Population of an area certainly plays a role in how desirable your land is for a cell tower. It stands to reason that the greater number of people around, the more telecommunications service required. The other element, however, that matters just as much is demand. The demand for such facilities in the surrounding population will also have a direct effect on lease rates. After all, there must be a demand for the amenity in order for a company to create a supply. This is why it is important to predict an increase in demand for telecommunication services. The presence of a college or an expanding urban area are all factors that indicate a rise in demand of such services. This, too, will allow you to request a better deal from cell tower companies.

You should always be prepared prior to meeting representatives from cell tower companies. It is imperative that you have a clear understanding of your land as well as the negotiation tactics that will occur. To ensure the best deal for your property, you need to know your land value and to anticipate the willingness of the cell tower company. This will provide you with the adequate advantage in this situation.


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