5 Must-Have Apps for Every Sports Fan

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Avid fans wish to keep themselves on the pulse with everything that is happening in their favorite sports to ensure they never miss a minute of the action and keep up-to-date with the latest news and scores. It has long remained an extremely popular form of hobby for those who take a particular interest in a single or multiple numbers of sports, usually caused by participation at a young age or being raised in a family that like football, rugby or any other sport.

Armchair supporters may be able to remain on the ball and keep tabs of everything that is happening in their favorite sports, but not only is it extremely difficult to watch several live games at the same time, there is also the need for sports fans to see sunlight and go out to work or to the shops. The pain of being away from their television, radio or computer has now been eradicated through technical advancements in handheld technology that enable sports fans to access websites and information via downloadable apps that can be used wherever they are. Sports fans can use their mobile phone or tablet to ensure they can follow the progress of their favorite team or athlete, while there are also gaming and gambling apps that are equally recommended to ensure their need for sport is fulfilled.


One way for sports fans to become even further attached to the action is by placing a bet on the outcome via mobile from the comfort of their own chair in the hope that they will enjoy double success by watching their team win and receive money as a result. Coral provide a comprehensive app that provides access to a number of sports betting markets, including a live in-play service that enables sports fanatics to predict outcomes such as the next goal-scorer, next try scorer or which bowler will take the next wicket in a cricket match. The app also offers a news sections which is regularly updated with the latest cricket news and statistics that could help sports fans make more accurate predictions during the Ashes series, while other sports are suitably covered in the same manner to keep readers bang up to date with everything happening in their favorite sport.

Top Eleven 2015

People who need their fix where there is no live sporting action available on television or radio may choose to go outdoors and play their favorite sports, but those who are more lazy may turn to their mobile phone or tablet to satisfy their need for a sports-related game. Top Eleven 2015, endorsed by Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, is currently amongst the highest grossing apps in the games market, with the app allowing sports fans the opportunity to experience what it like to operate as a football manager. From building a team and selecting tactics to organizing training sessions and building new facilities, it includes every aspect of football management, along with the drama, suspense and tension that comes with trying to lead a team to glory or survive relegation.


One of the most popular sports broadcasting networks in America have branched out into the mobile and tablet world with the introduction of their free-to-download app that provides access to a comprehensive range of sports information. The ESPN app, formerly known as SportsCenter, provides breaking news stories, updated scorelines and professional analysis from leading pundits for every team, league and professional athlete, with the app also allowing users to customize their personal layout to receive all the news, information and scores they care about.


Sports fans looking for an app that provides notifications of big plays or related news on their mobile phone or tablet when they are out and about should look no further than theScore. It is designed to be a comprehensive sports hub that offers the latest scores and detailed reports of the most important players – perfect for those who love statistics.


Being able to watch live sporting events and up-to-the-minute sports news is made possible through the watchESPN app which provides viewing access to Major League Baseball, Grand Slam events in tennis, Monday Night Football and many more. Sports fans must have a valid cable subscription in order to download the watchESPN app on any Android and iOS device and make the most of its live broadcasts and highlights programs.