Kickstarter: Mia Melon & One Man Outerwear Jackets

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There’s nothing like a good jacket to keep you warm and dry…


It’s time for your audience of outdoor enthusiasts and fashion gurus to unite with Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear’s line of stylish, high-tech weatherproof jackets.

Mia Melon has just launched their new line for men, One Man Outerwear, on Kickstarter. It’s their first line of men’s weather-resistant coats, which means no more flashy, over-priced branded outerwear that compromises looking good for being comfortable.

With these jackets, backers will get a high-tech shell material that is lined with a cozy micro fleece and two waterproof and windproof poly membrane layers that keep 99.9% of water out. There are hoodies and jackets available on Kickstarter for men and women in a variety of different colors, styles and with different features. From removable hoods to street-inspired cargo pockets, you’ll feel warm and comfortable in any weather conditions – and look great too!

Get your own jacket on Kickstarter for an extremely discounted price of just $99. If you would like to learn more about Mia Melon or One Man Outerwear, visit