Indiegogo: Wallet Drone Tiny Quadcopter

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Now I want one of these…


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The Wallet Drone combines both ideas into one design: a compact controller that docks the World’s Smallest Quadcopter™ inside of its case and charges the drone without the need for wires or access to a USB port.

With the Wallet Drone, you can enjoy full quadcopter flight anywhere you go: both indoors and outdoors-at the office, in the park, in your dorm and beyond!

The Wallet Drone comes fully assembled and ready to fly after a short 15 minute charge with 4-AA batteries in the remote control docking station or via the included USB cable.

Each Wallet Drone comes with the Drone itself, a wallet sized 2.4gHz remote controller/docking station, a USB charging cable and one spare set of blades.