Moopti Intros Dio Reversible USB Cable

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A USB cable that goes in no matter which way you plug it in… Sounds damn good to me…



Moopti announces the launch of Dio, the patent-holding reversible and naked USB cable. Dio performs the standard functionality of USBs – data transfer and charging – with the added convenience of plugging into ports in either direction. The USB Standard Male A plug is naked, allowing for a cleaner look. Dio boasts an attractive array of available colors, as well as an ultra strong braided nylon cord to eliminate fraying and breaking. All dio cables come equipped with heavy gauge copper wires for faster charging capabilities.

“Plugging in USBs the wrong way is at worst damaging, and at best irritating. Dio eliminates the problem for good. But more than that, dio is an attractive, high quality cable – we want it to be the last one you’ll ever need.” Steve Hutchinson, Moopti High Quality/Fashion accessory​ . In an effort to develop not only a problem-solving USB, but the highest quality USB, Moopti sourced the highest quality materials to develop dio. From the non-fraying nylon braided cord, to the sturdy plug casing, dio is designed to last, and look good while doing it. The range of personality-matching colors make dio as much of a fashion accessory as phone cases and laptop bags.

-28/24 AWG
-rUSB functionality: Standard Male A USB plugs into ports in either direction
-Materials: Nylon Braided Cord
-Cord Length: 3 or 6 ft
-iOS and Android Compatible

The Campaign: ​ Moopti is running a Kickstarter campaign in support of the launch of dio. Backers can preorder the early bird cables for as low as a $25 contribution. The campaigns which launches April 20, 2015. The earliest backers can expect to receive dio immediately after the campaign’s end – remaining backers can expect to receive dio by June 2015.

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