Silicon Power Jewel J06 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review @ NikKTech

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If you happen to need lots of storage capacity while on the go then the smart and most affordable thing to do is either to get an 2.5" portable hard drive or one of the larger 3.5" desktop drives (although the first is obviously preferable thanks to size and the lack of need for an external power supply the 2nd can offer much higher capacities at least currently). The last and least affordable solution is to get one of the highest capacity USB flash drives available in the market but since that’s really not a valid choice for most people lower capacity models can offer good value for your money and can even get you out of tough situations. The Jewel J06 is one of the latest USB 3.0 flash drives to hit the market by our friends over at Silicon Power and we just happened to take the 64GB variant for a spin not long ago.

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