Asus Rampage V Extreme Motherboard Review @ HardwareSlave

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"With the advent of the X99 Chipset from Intel, a bunch of new motherboards are needed to support this. Intel also released a revised Intel i7 CPUs to support this. Not only that but with the chipset and CPU releases, a new CPU socket was released at this same time; the LGA 2011-v3. While most manufacturers have the elite line of high kit, there is probably no better known range than the Rampage series.
The LGA 2011-v3 socket and X99 chipset release means you need to buy a new CPU, your old X79 CPUs will not fit, and not only that, you will need some DDR4. You may be reading this for a lot of reasons, one may be about parting with your cash for a top of the line CPU, memory and motherboard. The Asus Rampage V Extreme is the top of the range at this time, and should be a consideration on anyone’s wish list for that full ATX SLI or Crossfire mother of all rigs."