TechwareLabs CES Event Coverage: Mushkin, Dell Venue 7000, Booth Babes

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TechwareLabs brings you a hands on look at the worlds thinnest tablet. At 6mm the Dell Venue 8 7000 should come to market at around $399 which places it firmly in competition with the Samsung Galaxy S tablet.

Digital Experience Dell Venue 8 7000


CES 2015 has officially kicked off and no coverage would be complete without a look at the stunning babes from the show floor. Grab onto your seat and get some ice packs as these ladies are hot. TechwareLabs brings you a quick peek at some of the babes from CES.

CES Booth Babes Day 1


We had the fortune to spend some time at the Mushkin suite and take a look at some of their new products for 2015 including their newly announced Striker SSD. You would be surprised at the number of IOPS this drive is capable of and even more blown away by some of Mushkins other products at CES 2015.

CES 2015 Event Coverage: Mushkin