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Since 1999, we have been developing the BIOS Optimization Guide, affectionately known as the BOG. From a meagre beginning of a single page, it now covers over 440 BIOS options. As old BOG readers will know, we started offering two editions of the BOG since Revision 8.0 – a simplified edition and the complete edition.
Normally, the complete edition is only available to subscribers who help sponsor the development of the guide through a small fee. However, that changes today! From now on, we will post a BIOS option from the complete edition of the BIOS Optimization Guide every weekend.

This week, we will be taking a look at the AC PWR Auto Recovery BIOS setting. Here’s an excerpt :

"When power is inadvertently cut to your PC, it powers off and stays so until you start it up again. While this should not be a problem for most users, it is a problem for servers that need to stay online, or get back online as soon as possible.
That normally means waiting by the server and switching it on when the power comes back. If you cannot be physically close to the server, then it may have to remain powered off until someone is there to turn it on again. Wouldn’t it be great if the server could automatically turn itself on again?
This is where the AC PWR Auto Recovery BIOS feature comes in…

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