Can We Stop With the Auto Playing Videos Please?

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I guess this would be called a rant as I’m not sure what else to call it, it’s not an article exactly but it’s a rant.

Anyway, it seems every site I visit lately has videos that auto play and it’s just so damn annoying. I see people complaining about this all the time so I know that it’s common knowledge that people do not like auto play videos but yet that seems to be all that I see anymore.

If I wanted to watch the video I would. it’s that simple. Do these sites think that we’re too dumb to figure out how to press play? I go to a new site and see something I want to read about and click through and then I’m greeted with the article and a video but the video auto plays. It doesn’t even auto p[lay the actual video as it auto plays an advertisement first that you have to sit through before you get to the actual news story.

I find myself now going to page and hunting for the video and then finding the pause button to stop the video as soon as it starts before I can read the news article. Why do I have to do that?

Auto playing videos are bad but why do the advertisements and even the videos themselves have to be so loud? I’m not deaf or have a hearing problem, and I don’t think most people are hard of hearing but yet the videos are playing well above what I find a comfortable volume level. Some of them are like jarring and surprising at how loud they are. They can be ridiculous at times.

Can we just stop with the auto play videos already? Can we have our choice back?

What’s worse is the auto playing video ads that are like hidden on the pages. There’s the main video that starts playing that I stop but there’s still something playing and I find it’s a video advertisement on the sidebar at the bottom of the page. What the hell is with that? They basically have two video playing simultaneously and people are supposed to understand their main video with another playing at the same time overlapping it? What sense does that make exactly?

I don’t have any auto play videos on my sites, I hate them so I make sure they are not auto play.

Hmmm, I wonder if that’s how people get more views on YouTube? They have auto play videos so as soon as someone visits it plays and they get a view? I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years, I guess I just have to annoy people to become popular on YouTube? Here I was trying to be considerate and apparently that’s not what people really want is it?

I don’t know, I just know it’s annoying and I see more and more of it, it’s not going to stop is it?

The only solution I see is to turn my speakers off and only turn them on when I actually want to hear something. I guess that will work for now….