How RNG Makes Online Bingo a Fair Game

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There are millions of people who choose to play online gambling games, such as bingo and casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker online. So how can they feel confident that they are playing a fair game when they log in to a game on newlookbingo, comfybingo, or any of the other gaming sites?

The answer – in all cases – is playing with a reputable site that uses Random Number Generator (RNG) systems in its gaming software. And the good news is that all reputable sites will do this. Even better, there are plenty of reputable gaming sites and operators for you to choose where to spend your money, knowing that you’ll always be getting a fair gaming experience.

What’s RNG?

A Random Number Generator does what it says on the tin; it generates a series of random numbers. RNG systems are what give players the reassurance the online games that they are playing are not fixed so that the gaming operator always wins. The RNG provides a game like bingo with that authentic element of chance. It doesn’t mean that a player is any more likely to win, of course, as the numbers are still picked randomly and the chances of those numbers matching the numbers on your tickets, before they match the numbers on anyone else’s tickets, remain slender. However, it gives a player confidence that they are playing a fair game.

How does RNG actually work?

If you want to really understand RNG, you probably need to have a computer science degree. But, basically, RNG uses a complex set of algorithms to generate long sequences of random numbers. These are then reduced down to the number required for a particular game. In a game of roulette, only one number is required per spin, so the RNG sequences would be different for a game of bingo, where the numbers range from 1-90 or 1-75 or even 1-80. An RNG in online bingo at a site such as Costa Bingo from the previous examples basically replaces the basket of balls you’d find in a traditional bingo hall. It provides the same random set of numbers. Most modern bingo halls obviously have done away with the basket of balls and use electronic bingo number callers with RNG.

Are RNGs regulated?

To give that sense of reassurance to a player that they are taking part in a fair game, any reputable gaming site will be independently regulated and their RNGs will be provided by independent companies. A bingo site adds to its legitimacy when it uses independently verified RNGs and if you want to find out how a site is regulated and can’t see the information readily on the site, contact customer services and they should give you a full explanation. Any site that is reluctant to do so is probably a site you should consider not using. Instead, switch to one that is more transparent about how its games are run – there are certainly plenty of legitimate gaming sites in operation


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