Why Bingo Players Love Being Mobile

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image by TheodoreWLee

Today, it’s easier than ever to have a game of bingo whenever you feel like it, and this, of course, is all due to advances in technology that make it possible to play on your mobile or tablet. Bingo players are definitely voting with their feet and choosing to play on the mobile more than on any other device – or indeed in a real land-based bingo hall.

There are plenty of reasons why bingo makes a good choice for a mobile game – here are just some of the benefits.

You can keep it to yourself

You might not want everyone to know that you play bingo. Although there’s less of a stigma about it being a game for old ladies these days, certain players wouldn’t feel comfortable going to a bingo hall to play. It might damage their street cred! For this kind of player, it’s far better to just download a mobile bingo app for their favorite site and log in when they feel like it. All the major bingo sites like now have a wide selection of games which are compatible with mobile play. And once you have the app installed, you can play wherever you want, for just a few minutes or for a whole evening.

Bingo’s fun and it’s often free

There’s nothing difficult about playing bingo online or on the mobile. And that simplicity is a big draw when you’re looking for a mobile-friendly game. There’s no need to do anything more than decide which game to play and choose a card to buy. What’s more, on many of the sites like Mirror Bingo, 888 bingo and Gala Bingo, there are lots of free games included on the schedule too. If you go to www.mirrorbingo.com/bingo you’ll see on the promos page how to access the free bingo games, as well as which special games to watch out for on the weekly schedule. For instance there’s a Friday night special game with a £50,000 jackpot and a monthly game with a £250,000 jackpot. Who wouldn’t want a chance of winning some of that?

It’s social

Bingo is a game that’s always been centered on a community, and since the game went online that hasn’t changed at all. In some ways, it’s even more sociable than it used to be as players don’t have to concentrate on the number calls and they can concentrate instead on the chat going on in the bingo chat rooms. Now, many of the bingo sites are also making it possible to login via social networking sites like Facebook, so this increases the social side of playing bingo even more.

As well as all the many reasons we might choose to play bingo on our mobiles – there’s another big attraction to going mobile. As the gaming operators see the mobile as the gaming hardware choice of the future, they’re keen to get as many loyal customers as they can signed up today, so there are plenty of great mobile-exclusive bonuses to take advantage of. When free playing credit is up for grabs, you may as well take it!