KickStarter: CYSPO OmniStation

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CYSPO OmniStation

It kind of looks like a  squid doesn’t it?

CYSPO lets you charge all of your devices without tangled wires, without creating messy outlets, and without having to unplug one charger to use another.
Key Features

  • Universal Charging Station: Charge cell phones, cameras, bluetooth speakers, eBook readers, tablets and more.
  • Hassle free wireless charging experience: The OmniStation utilizes the latest Qi Standard multi-coil free positioning wireless charging transmitter technology to create a simple and easy charging experience.
  • The OmniStation provides 6 customizable USB ports with interchangeable adapters, you can switch to your own cables with varying lengths for more charging flexibility. 
  • There are two additional USB ports on the side; one port offers a faster 2.1A output for charging tablets and larger devices, like the iPad.

CYSPO is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. It will be available to ship in mid November. Early backers will be able pre-order it for $80.