TowerFall Ascension Available Now on OUYA

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I think I want to get on OUYA as there seems to be a lot of games coming out..

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The prodigal son returns … with a vengeance.TowerFall Ascension, the update-rich expansion to Matt Thorson’s iconic OUYA launch title TowerFall, is now available on the console’s storefront. With a multitude of new maps, a host of new characters, special arrows that deliver delightful new ways to die, and an all new quest mode, TowerFall Ascension adds a new level of depth to the frantic couch combat fans have come to love. OUYA TowerFallers who already have the original title can snag the sequel for free. For the uninitiated, the game is available for $14.99. 

With TowerFall Ascension, Thorson has built additional depth into the game while meticulously maintaining its highly praised balance, ensuring an equitable and engaging gameplay experience for all combatants. On top of the fifty new arenas, a completely new 1-2 player Quest Mode, and four new archers, the expansion provides a number of quirky and completely game-changing features. Ambitious archers can try pulling off melee stomp-kills after enabling Ghosts, which allows dead players to rise again as monochrome phantasms whose very touch spells death. Crank up the chaos by letting everyone start with Laser Arrows that rebound and ricochet at lightning speed, or bring intimacy to your combat by removing arrows altogether – the opportunities are virtually endless.
Check out the new content for the four-player combat platformer in the game’s trailer here: