Tetris Battle: Fusion Now on Ouya

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Colors and squares and tight spaces – oh my!Tetris® Battle: Fusion, an all-new game based on the addictive Facebook game Tetris Battle and multiplayer tribute to the game that singlehandedly spawned the puzzler genre, is now available for free on OUYA. Developed this year by Tetris Online, Inc. to honor the Tetris brand’s 30th anniversary, Tetris Battle: Fusion puts players’ spatial strategy skills to the test.
OUYA owners can download the game here

Tetris Battle: Fusion lets users duke it out against the dual forces of gravity and geometry in a head-to-head edition of the arcade staple. Players can keep tabs on how their opponents are faring in order to optimize their own strategy, adding a frenetically competitive twist to the fast-paced shape-placing action.
Tetris Battle: Fusion also adds a few new elements to the core gameplay experience. Throughout the game’s 50+ unique levels, players must collect Amulets, which determine the offensive and defensive capabilities of a player’s next Matrix (playing field) and can be leveled up by gaining experience points over time. At the start of each match, users equip Amulets to determine the limits of their gameplay, and then can fuse Amulets together for added strength as player’s space-shifting prowess increases.
The game also features a 1v1 local co-op mode that enables friends in the same room to go head-to-head using previously earned Amulets. As a player’s arsenal of Amulets grows, so will his or her ability to become the Tetris champion of the world – or at least their living room.