Spire Launches PowerCube Chassis

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The PowerCube 501 & 502 are Spire’s smallest chassis yet! These stylish and innovative MINI ITX enclosures are a true designer piece, especially considering the price tag. Built to the highest possible quality to provide you with the satisfaction  you are looking for in a small, yet powerful package.Complete with front integrated Audio and two (2) USB 3.0 ports to provide you maximum connectivity and flexibility. These PowerCube series hold space for one Slim DVD drive. Placement horizontal or vertical makes our PowerCube chassis great for home or office use. No matter the challenge, the PowerCube chassis will be sureto deliver what you want, when you want.
Main Features:
* Built in 300W SFX power supply
* ITX motherboard compatible
* Stylish & sophisticated design
* SlimDVD-Drive compatible
* Small in size, big in functionality
* Only 215x138x265mm large
* Lightweight durable steel
* 2 years manufacturer warranty

MSRP (Manufacturer suggested retail price) :
Part number:SPM501B-300W-PFC-2U3  Codenamed: PowerCube 501
MSRP: USD 73,95 / EURO 54,95 (EX VAT)
Part number:SPM502B-300W-PFC-2U3  Codenamed: PowerCube 502
MSRP: USD 73,95 / EURO 54,95 (EX VAT)

Product Includes :
*Warranty card *Accessories and screws pouch *300W SFX power supply unit *AC power lead.

Availability: The PowerCube 501 & 502 are now available from Spire Shenzhen, China. European distribution  roll out will commence at the end of August.
Product urls:
SPM501B-300W-PFC-2U3  Codenamed: PowerCube 501  http://www.spire-corp.com/computer-cases/powercube-501-spm501b-300w-pfc-2u3/
SPM502B-300W-PFC-2U3  Codenamed: PowerCube 502  http://www.spire-corp.com/computer-cases/powercube-502-spm502b-300w-pfc-2u3/