Magnetic By Nature Available Now on OUYA

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New game for Ouya…

Hold onto your fillings – Magnetic By Natureis available now, only on OUYA. The debut title from Team Tripleslash, Magnetic By Nature is a fast-paced platformer that forgoes platforms entirely! In lieu of traditional jump-and-land mechanics, Magnetic By Nature lets players alter their own magnetic field to traverse a world riddled with the ferromagnetic remnants of a fallen machine-age civilization. Magnetic By Nature is currently available for $9.99 exclusively on the OUYA store, and will be coming soon to PC, Mac, and Linux.
Magnetic By Nature lets players step into a lushly-rendered apocalyptic landscape, desolate in its solitude but rich in atmosphere. Wielding the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion, players can propel themselves fluidly through the air using both static and dynamic magnets. Of course, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so players must constantly manage both their own place in gamespace, and the movement of the magnets that keep them aloft.
In the game, players will take on the role of the last remaining robot in a post-human wasteland, journeying through the ruins of their society to reactivate their friends. With its vivid art-deco graphic style, atmospheric sound design, and more than 100 different levels of magnetizing merriment, Magnetic By Nature is a refreshing new take on the platforming genre.
Watch the trailer to get an idea of what magnetic maneuvering really looks like: