KickStarter: NIWA IN12: Nixie Tube Clock and Smartphone Charging Dock

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NIWA IN12: Nixie Tube Clock and Smartphone Charging Dock

Used extensively in former East Germany in the mid 20th Century as numeric displays, Nixie tubes have been making a comeback with the help of product designers. They glow with a lovely neon color and have gorgeous stylized numbers– something you can’t get LED or LCD display. A pair of friends travelled to Eastern Europe in search of a vast amount of Nixie tubes and came back loaded with Nixie tubes to design the world’s first Nixie tube smartphone charging dock.

IN12 Nixie clock product specification.

· 6 nixie tubes display: hours, minutes and seconds and Date

· Alarm clock

· Charging dock compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Android smartphones

· LED lighting for background lighting with different brightness and RGB remote control

The team launched a Kickstarter campaign and is already 80% funded. NIWA has two models: IN14 tubes clock and IN12 tubes clock with dock. These clocks are custom made so that any dock station can be fitted to IN12 Nixie clock case.