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A good espresso sounds really good right about now…


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Xpressivo was created so that everyone could enjoy premium, quality coffee, lattes, and espressos from the comfort of home without paying a hefty price. But, in order to make this “dream” a reality, it needs support. The Xpressivo X1 Kickstarter campaign seeks $50,000 by August 27, 2014.  In appreciation for early support, deep discounts are being offered. Supporters will not only receive high-end, state-of-the-art Xpressivo X1 coffee makers (including Italian-blended coffee capsules) for a fraction of the cost of similar machines, but early backers will also be helping Xpressivo finalize and deliver its product by November 2014, just in time for Christmas.

“On a trip home from Italy, I realized I always loved the way coffee seems to bring people together, anytime of the day,” said Adam Lupa, CEO and Xpressivo Founder. “I also realized that Americans are just as passionate about their coffee.” He says that Americans don’t seem bothered at spending $4 for a good cup of coffee or even hundreds for a coffee machine. But he says that coffee shouldn’t cost so much. The idea that high-quality coffee should be shared and enjoyed by everyone, not just a select few, sparked the Xpressivo X1 concept.

The Xpressivo X1’s sleek and compact design not only makes single and double espresso shots (perfect for cappuccinos and lattes), but also a traditional 10 ounce cup of coffee. This simple, programmable machine contains an Italian-made 19 BAR pressure pump; a 0.8L capacity, transparent water reservoir; a blue/red light indication system; and a 30-minute stand-by mode. Not only is it fast and easy, its auto-ejection used capsule bin makes it mess-free. Furthermore, the detachable electric milk foamer allows for specialty coffee drinks in under 30 seconds, adding coffeehouse flair with at-home convenience.

Xpressivo has partnered with Italian coffee roasters and producers to bring sustainably grown, fair-trade certified beans to America. Six blends in always fresh, vacuum-sealed, biodegradable capsules are included in the company’s blend menu: Café Lungho (deep, intense), Café Crema (mild, full bodied), Espresso Forte (acid-free, rich), Decaf, Espresso Medium (balanced), and Espresso Oscuro (strong, unique Arabica). Additional flavors are under development, such as Vanilla and Hazelnut, and Hot Chocolate.

To encourage contributions, pledge levels have been created for every budget and every taste. The Premium Early Bird $109 level (white X1 machine with foamer and 60 capsules) is limited to only 100 backers. The $149 deal offers a choice between a black or white machine. The one-year Mega Special is a mere $199, and boasts a choice between black or white X1 machine (plus foamer), and 360 coffee capsules, saving contributors a whopping 70% off the retail price. All orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee. For more information, please visit the campaign page.

“Your pledge will go towards our initial inventory orders as well as help us share what we believe is a better way to do coffee with the rest of the world,” said Lupa.

About Xpressivo

Xpressivo, led by CEO and Founder Adam Lupa, is a creative, passionate group of talented partners with a definite goal in mind: to make high-quality, affordable coffee available to everyone. The company stands by the philosophy that coffee is a social drink that should be shared by the masses. Xpressivo the ideal way to enjoy affordable, café quality coffee, each and every day. Please visit http://xpressivo.com