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The title up there sounds a bit like an advertisement but it really isn’t as this is not a sponsored post of anything like that. I like deals and I love to play games and I’m always looking for deals on games. I check the bundle sites religiously looking for stuff I don’t have at a cheap price. I refuse to pay full price for any game, I’ll never do it as anymore there’s just too many problems with games when they launch, especially those from the big studios. Have you ever noticed that all these games get hyped and hyped and then launch day comes and it’s filled with problems and bugs and sometimes the game doesn’t even work because of server issues or DRM or whatever. So I don’t buy games on launch day anymore, I wait until they’re patched and fixed. If there’s a game I really want I’ll subscribe to forum threads and check for updates all the time to see if and/or when the game is and will be fixed. I’m a reviewer but for the most part I don’t pay much attention to those professional reviews, I read them yes, but don’t pout too much stock in them honestly. I like to read what actual users have to say about the games, I love it that Steam now has those reviews as they’ve stopped me from getting many games that I most likely wouldn’t have been happy with. I guess I went off topic a bit there, this post is about a company or site I came across called Cheap Digital Download which is essentially a comparison shopping site that helps you find the best deals on game keys and to me that’s a good thing, but that’s not all there is though so that’s why I’m writing this to maybe share this with you…


Here’s a quote from their site:

CheapDigitalDownload compares all Digital Download stores to buy your PC games at the best prices. Instantly use your digital product (a multi-digit code received by email after purchasing from a store) to activate and download pc games via official platforms like Steam, Origin or

We select the best Digital Download stores providing impeccable service and the best prices. We have tested and regularly continue to anonymously test vendors that we display to offer you a great quality of service and enable you to buy with confidence.


The site is the US site but they actually have eight sites in total in different languages or locales for the whole world basically. They’re all not called Cheap Digital Download though, for example the UK/Europe version is called All Key Shop. Here’s the full list for you:


All of the sites are basically the same and the ides of them is to give you the best deal on the games you want.


To use the site you can just do a search via the search bar. I want Watch Dogs so I searched for it



Then up comes a page with everything about Watch Dogs with lowest prices listed there:



I only want the Watch Dogs base game so I clicked on the ‘Compare Prices’ and it took me to a page with prices and links to where you can get the game. There’s a lot of info, like it tells you which platform they’re selling Watch Dogs for, like Steam or Uplay  and if it’s in stock. Right now there are 50 places listed for you to get your game.


You just have to click on the Shop Now button and you’re taken to the site to buy your game, very simple really.


That’s not all they do though, they have a rewards program so you can get some free games!



One of the best parts about Cheap Digital Download is the free games, or rewards program.

CDD essentially rewards gamers for doing what they would be doing anyway on the site, isn’t that nice?

You can see more here in detail, but I’ve briefly summarized it for you below:

300 points for registering via Facebook or Google+, connecting your account essentially and that’s how you log into the site of course.

300 points for visiting everyday, yes just visit the site and get 300 points, how easy is that?

300 points each for sharing on FaceBook, Google Plus and Twitter
-You can only do this once though

300 points for commenting on posts, but only three per day, but that’s 900 points in total, so that’s a pretty easy 900 points I think.

You can earn points for referrals in several ways:
You’ll get your very own unique referral link. Here’s mine to show you what it looks like:  (You can click that link if you want, it’ll make me happy!)
Referring Visitors : 10 points
-But you can only refer 10 people per day
Referring Signups : 100 points
-Visitors have to have cookies enabled though for you to get credit

Cheap Digital Download also offers daily points giveaways on Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter, points you can win varies of course.

If you’re really into gaming you can earn big points by creating videos or posting to their site.
You can create game walk-throughs, cheats, tips and tricks, or even an instructional video about the Rewards Program.
If you narrate the video you can get 10,000 points but if you don’t it’s only 5,000

If you make a post you can get 5,000 points for it and an additional 300 points per comment on your post.

You can also earn points by promoting the site with a signature on a forum the amount varies though on the quality of the website or forum it’s on.

Here’s one example for you, but there are other sizes available.

forum signature

They even give you points for reporting a site bug, you can get 500 points for just telling them that something is wrong or broken on the site.

Lastly you can earn points just by posting and commenting in their forums.
You can create up to three new topics per day and earn 300 points for each for a total of 900 points.
They even let you create a new forum where you can also earn 300 points for each one, but you’re limited to 900 points.
Both of the above options are per day, so that’s like 1800 points per day you can get.

Once you’re done collecting points you can spend them on free games. Yes the games aren’t really low points, but I can see people easily getting one or two free games per month just doing what they would do anyway, writing about games, asking questions, answering questions. It’s what you would do anyway, so why not get something for it right?



Anyway, check out the site and you can judge for yourself. Even if you don’t join for the rewards I think you’ll be happy with being able to find the games you want for the lowest price available.