iStick World’s First USB Flash Drive with Built-In Apple Lightning Connector Coming in August

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Wow, they asked for $100,000 on KickStarter and got over one million!

Sanho Corporation – manufacturer of the HYPER line of mobile accessories – announces iStick, a USB flash drive with both a USB connector as well as an Apple MFi Certified Lightning Connector that connects directly to recent iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. iStick allows users to easily, quickly and safely transfer data between computers, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches without the need for computer synchronization, Internet, wireless networks or the Cloud where hackers and others (like 3rd party server providers) may gain access.

iStick started as a Kickstarter campaign that ran from May 12, 2014 to June 17, 2014. HYPER was seeking $100,000 via Kickstarter to fund the production of iStick. The funding goal of $100,000 was met within 3 hours of launch allowing HYPER to begin production immediately. A total amount of $1,100,629.00 was raised at the end of the campaign. This is HYPER’s 2nd Kickstarter project after the successful CloudFTP which was the 3rd highest funded Kickstarter Technology project when it ended.
HYPER aims to ship the iStick in August, 2014 to its Kickstarter backers as well as to retail stores in time for the year end holiday shopping season.

Daniel Chin, Founder and CEO of HYPER by Sanho Corporation says "We are excited by the overwhelming response to iStick by Kickstarter backers who not only provide us with the funding we need but also with valuable feedback, ideas and suggestions which allowed us a better product and bring it to market sooner than expected, in time for the year end holiday shopping season. iStick will no doubt be a great gift for Apple iOS device lovers this holiday season."

  • World’s first USB flash drive with integrated Apple MFi Certified Lightning connector
  • Features both a standard USB connector as well as an Apple Lightning connecter
  • Works as a normal USB flash drive when connected to Mac and PC computers
  • Connects directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models that use the Lightning connector
  • Allow users to quickly and safely transfer data between computers and various iOS devices
  • Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
  • Works in conjunction with a free universal iPhone/iPad/iPod touch iOS app
  • Using the app, users can transfer photos, videos and other files between iStick and iDevice
  • Users can also stream movies (even non-iOS native video formats), music and open files directly from the iStick without first copying to the iOS device.
  • Passcode/password functionality
  • Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive integration
  • Airplay/subtitle/multi-codec support in iStick movie player
  • API for 3rd party apps

Product Specifications
Capacity: 8/16/32/64GB/128GB
Connectors: Standard USB 2.0 and Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Connector
iStick-to-USB Speed: 12MB/s (Read), 7.5MB/s (Write)
iStick-to-iDevice Speed: 2.5MB/s (Read), 1.9MB/s (Write)
Construction: ABS Plastic and/or Aluminum
Dimensions: 51.6 x 28.6 x 9.1mm
Weight: 10g
Supported File Formats:
Video .mp4, .m4v, .mpv, .mov, .mpg, .mkv, .avi, .wmv, .rmvb, .flv, .3gp, .gif
Audio .wav, .aac, .aif, .aiff, .caf, .m4a, .mp3
Images .jpg, .tiff, .gif
Documents .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel); .zip; .ics
Pricing and Availability
Suggested MSRP of iStick are $79 (8GB), $99 (16GB), $129 (32GB), $179 (64GB) and $249 (128GB)
iStick is expected to ship in August, 2014
About Sanho Corporation
Sanho Corporation designs, manufactures and markets IT accessories with a focus on Apple accessories, portable power and wireless storage. Sanho is committed to developing cutting edge products with a dedicated focus on performance, quality, value and service, with a sales and marketing office in the U.S. in Silicon Valley, California, a production facility near Shanghai, China, and R&D teams in both countries.
HYPER is a fashionable line of mobile accessories – manufactured by Sanho Corporation – designed to increase functionality in every day life. Hyper products include:

  • HyperJuice – Portable power products for Apple MacBook, iOS, Android and other mobile devices
  • HyperDrive – Portable digital data storage products for Apple devices, digital cameras, and memory cards
  • HyperShield – Cases and stylus pens for Apple devices
  • HyperThin – World’s thinnest HDMI cables

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