KickStarter: The Dark Centuries Fantasy Medieval MMORPG

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Another KickStarter for today.. this one is at $53.00 of the goal of $100,000 with 29 more days to go…

Today Enlightened Studios launches its fantasy medieval MMORPG The Dark Centuries on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $30 for an early bird pledge that includes a digital copy of the game. The Dark Centuries will see the Vikings, Celts and Saracens clash in an epic battle for power.

The Dark Centuries is set to bring a much needed revive to the MMORPG scene with a medieval setting, immersive gameplay, realistic graphics and battles to conquer the enemies’ frontiers, which are sure to get the players’ hearts racing and blood pumping. 

The Dark Centuries allows players to enjoy the game the way that suits them the best – whether it is for a couple of hours a day to a few minutes a week; the game flows naturally to suit any playing rhythm. Gamers can roam the worlds of The Dark Centuries as a fighter, a mystic, a thief or a crafter, building and developing their own world. The universe of The Dark Centuries consists of frontiers with different characteristics based on the distance from the inner realm – the nearest tier is the most protected while the farthest is the most savage. In the frontier, the players can extend their control over the territories by conquering keeps, outposts and resources, gathering points by doing so.

Diego Puoti, Game Developer at Enlightened Studios, explains: "We’re huge fans of MMOs and adventures in fantasy worlds, but we’ve noticed that the majority of games available at the moment are very similar and way too easy. This is why we want to create a revolutionary game that provides an experience gamers haven’t felt for a while. We hope The Dark Centuries will offer something different and new, while at the same time staying true to the genre."

The game will have a range of unique features, for example, while in traditional games maps are usually given to players on day one, who then rely on them for gameplay, in The Dark Centuries players will have to work to obtain them. The ability to craft accurate maps is associated with study of cartography, and as the players progress, the maps will become available. Quality and accuracy of maps will depend on the player’s cartography skills, making the in-game exploration both a challenging and rewarding experience.

The Dark Centuries also re-introduces bravery acknowledgments. Players will be able to distinguish themselves by beating their enemies and having their names carved into marble tags proudly shown in the main capitals. Furthermore, players will be able to become even more influential by acquiring the rank of quest-givers and affect the social aspect of the game.

The game will have a dedicated mobile application that enables players to perform specific tasks even when they’re away from their PC. For instance, crafting a weapon or armour, managing the family treasury or ordering the goods for sale will be possible anytime and anywhere you are, as long you have your phone with you.

Furthermore, The Dark Centuries backers have a number of fun and exciting pledges to choose from. For $1,000 you can become a War Lord and be immortalised in the game with a street named after you and your sculpted bust proudly placed in the street. In addition, a noble character in the game will bear your face and there is, of course, a copy of the game on offer.

More adventurous backers can also pick between Deity ($2,000) and Epic Enemy ($5,000) pledges. These unusual pledges give backers the opportunity to turn their significant other into a deity or turn their ex into a monster, giving them a chance to battle it.

Robin Keijzer, Graphic Designer at Enlightened Studios, concludes: "We’re hoping other gaming fans and the Kickstarter community will share our enthusiasm, and we can’t wait to hear what people think. MMORPGs offer a wealth of opportunities and we want to show gamers that there’s a lot more to the beloved genre!"

You can back The Dark Centuries on their Kickstarter page now; starting at $30 for the early bird Pioneer pledge.

For more information, please visit The Dark Centuries’ website here.