Chic Buds Intros Slim Power 2200mAh Portable Battery

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Portable power from Chic Buds for women…


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No outlet?  No problem!  Have phone charging power no matter where you are with Slim Power by Chic Buds.

We’ve all been there.  Stuck in an airport with a dead phone and no outlet in sight, dealing with a drained cell battery in a crowded amusement park, tearing apart a purse or suitcase only to realize the charger is on the nightstand at home…no more! Take charge of your battery life with the ultra slim, compact, and lightweight Slim Power portable phone charger.

Slim Power by Chic Buds offers a sleek, dependable, and fashionable way to have charging power at your fingertips in any situation.  Lightweight and ¼ of an inch thin, Slim Power is similar in size and shape to a standard credit card and easily fits into any purse, wallet, pocket, or clutch for ultra-portability without added bulk.  Perfect for professional women on the go, busy moms, active tweens, and gym-goers, Slim Power is a stylish and affordable alternative to more traditional bulky options.

Dedicated to products inspired by and designed for real women, Chic Buds understands that a heavier purse is the last thing any girl wants.  Slim Power is no exception and epitomizes the Chic Buds lifestyle—fun, fashionable, and functional.  Available in three chic and colorful designs, including the vibrant turquoise quatrafoil print of the Kendra, the bold pink and white stripes of the Sophie, and the whimsical credit card themed design of the Chloe (complete with decodable secret message on front), Slim Power is not only practical, but delivers a style and personal touch that any fashionable woman can appreciate. Plus, a $24.99 price point is one that any budget savvy woman will value.

Chic Buds was born in 2005 when its founders recognized a need in the market for technology accessories created specifically for females.  Today, Chic Buds, a division of FxA LLC, continues to design and develop fashionable and functional tech accessories for women and girls.  In a world where technology is relied upon more and more, Chic Buds understands that women still delight in embracing their own personal styles and want to express them in creative ways.  That’s why Chic Buds is so committed to providing quality products that not only function great, but look great as well.