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At Computex 2014, ASUSTOR introduces optimal enterprise-class storage solution, the 7 series, in addition to a series of multimedia devices aimed at home and small business users. At Computex ASUSTOR is also exhibiting the ADM operating system, the first NAS operating system in the world featuring an App-based design. ADM’s newest features include Mail Server, MiniDLNA multimedia application, Photo Gallery web photo album and Aiphoto mobile app, HiDrive and Google Drive cloud storage services, upgraded Surveillance Center featuring ONVIF Profile S and eMap, USB DVD/CD/Blu-ray support, night mode scheduling, advanced UPS functionality, hard disk hibernation indicator lights, and added language support for Turkish and Portuguese providing a more comprehensive cloud storage experience to enterprise users around the world.

Taipei, Taiwan, June 4rd 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, unveiled today, from the Computex Taipei 2014 consumer electronics exhibition, a new series of high-capacity enterprise-class NAS servers. The devices in this new series, the ASUSTOR 7 series, come in 8 to 12 bay models in addition to providing businesses with high performance and expandability. The rackmount models in the series (AS7009RD/ AS7009RDX/ AS7012RD/ AS7012RDX) come in two different hardware specifications:  Intel Haswell Xeon processor/4GB built-in memory and Intel Core i processor/4GB built-in memory. The desktop tower models in the 7 series (AS7008T/ AS7010T) come with Intel® Core i3 processors. Also being exhibited at Computex are ASUSTOR’s 6 series devices, which are powered by Intel Atom dual-core processors and provide top value and stable cloud storage for small businesses. Furthermore, ASUSTOR’s 3 and 2 series of multimedia focused NAS servers will also be making an appearance. All NAS devices will be loaded with the latest ADM 2.2 firmware which features business Apps such as Mail Server, Google Drive, HiDrive and advanced UPS functionality. Additionally, ASUSTOR will be conducting live hands-on demonstrations of its Surveillance Center application. One and all are invited to visit the ASUSTOR booth in order to experience the latest NAS technology and innovative concepts firsthand.

ASUSTOR’s highlighted features for Computex 2014 are as follows:

ADM 2.2

Debuting to rave reviews, ADM is ASUSTOR’s NAS operating system that features simplified operation and management along with an innovative and customizable GUI. ADM’s pre-installed App Central App repository features over 126 unique Apps that lets users create a customized NAS device for themselves. In addition to pre-existing features such as the Searchlight search engine, 2-way backup support, Mission Mode, and exclusive MyArchive storage technology, the newest version of ADM (ADM 2.2) a host of newly added functions including advanced UPS functionality, USB DVD/CD/Blu-ray optical drive support, night mode scheduling, hard disk hibernation indicator lights, and support for multilingual user names. ADM 2.2 will also include ASUSTOR’s new Mail Server App, the much-talked about Photo Gallery web photo album and its dedicated mobile app AiPhoto, multimedia server app MiniDLNA, and the newest version of the Download Helper web browser add-on which integrates both Download Center and Takeasy.

The key features for ADM 2.2 are described below:

§ Mail Server: Mail Server provides mail service for IMAP and POP3 protocols, includes a bandwidth and activity monitor, and also provides an email backup mechanism. Furthermore, Mail Server also integrates ADM user accounts with each user receiving a dedicated email account.

§ MiniDLNA: A nimble multimedia server App that supports protocols such as DLNA and UPnP-AV. As long as users’ UPnP client (Sony BRAVIA TV, PlayStation 3®, etc.) supports multimedia formats such as video, audio and images, they will be able to play them directly without any transcoding from the NAS. MiniDLNA is highly compatible with a wide range of file types and features very low CPU usage. Small in size and easy to install, MiniDLNA features powerful functionality including complete pause, stop, play, rewind, fast-forward functions and support for *.srt,*.smi subtitle files.

§ Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery is a web photo album developed by ASUSTOR with features such as integrated social media sharing, customizable album covers, photo descriptions, viewable EXIF information, photo rotation and slideshow playback. Tags for both albums and photos gives you greater flexibility for sorting and managing photos while layered permissions allow you to open up albums to friend and family for collaborative management. Photo Gallery can also be paired with the AiPhoto mobile app to remotely access and share photos from the NAS, and sync photos from a mobile device to the NAS effectively expanding the limited storage space available on mobile devices.

§ HiDrive and Google Drive cloud backup: You can now sync and backup all of your documents on HiDrive and Google Drive.

§ Download Helper: Download Helper is an add-on for Google Chrome and FireFox that integrates the Download Center and Takeasy Apps, allowing users to instruct the NAS to download files and streaming videos while they are browsing the web. Download helper features a simplified download task monitor that also allows for the management of basic download tasks.

Multimedia Applications for the Modern Home

ASUSTOR provides users with a host of multimedia applications which allows anyone to easily enjoy streaming multimedia while creating their personal digital entertainment hub. The multimedia Apps available to ASUSTOR NAS users include ASUSTOR Portal, XBMC, UPnP Media Server, iTunes Server, MiniDLNA, SoundsGood, and Takeasy. In particular, ASUSTOR Portal was developed in-house by ASUSTOR and is an HDMI expansion App for HD TVs and Monitors that was designed for home multimedia applications. ASUSTOR Portal provides local HD output of multimedia content from the NAS and allows users to browse through their centralized collection from the convenience of their HD TV or monitor. Additionally, ASUSTOR Portal offers customizable desktop shortcuts to Apps and websites, customizable default start-up App, advanced resolution settings and NAS power controls. Users can control ASUSTOR Portal via mouse and keyboard, the official ASUSTOR Remote or the AiRemote mobile app. Additionally, creating a centralized music hub is a breeze with ASUSTOR NAS. Users need only pair Apple’s Remote app with iTunes Server on the NAS to control playback of all music from their tablet device. Furthermore, users can use the SoundsGood App to specify an audio output device in order to enjoy streaming music from the NAS. ASUSTOR’s AiMusic mobile app can also be paired with SoundsGood to give users remote access to their entire music collection while on the go.  Also, coming soon to ASUSTOR NAS devices will be LooksGood, a digital TV recorder App. A trial version of LooksGood will be exhibited by ASUSTOR at Computex.

Business Applications

All ASUSTOR NAS devices are equipped with by Intel® processors, providing excellent performance and a stable operating platform. Each NAS device also comes built-in with the ADM operating system which provides an intuitive operating system with a simplified operation and management interface. ASUSTOR NAS devices feature a variety of professional features including seamless system migration, RAID data protection, comprehensive 2-way backup solutions, integrated Windows users ACL permissions management and seamless integration with existing virtual environments, all of which can help businesses save on IT management costs. Additionally, enterprise users can install a variety of business applications from App Central including cloud storage services such as ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox, Google Drive and HiDrive, in addition to Apps such as VPN Server, FTP Explorer, Mail Server and Antivirus, in order to create an economical, reliable and customized enterprise storage solution. At Computex, ASUSTOR will be showcasing its most economical enterprise-class NAS yet, the AS-204RS rackmount model,  in addition to the high performance 7 series (AS7009RD/AS7009RDX/ AS7012RD/ AS7012RDX rackmount models and AS7008T/ AS7010T tower models).

Comprehensive Surveillance Solution

Users can install ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center App in order to turn their ASUSTOR NAS into a dedicated NVR to effectively protect their critical assets. Surveillance Center was developed in-house by ASUSTOR and features 4 free IP camera channels. At Computex, visitors will be able to experience the brand new functions featured in the newest version of Surveillance Center. These new functions include the convenient IVA(Intelligent Video Analytics) playback and search, ONVIF Profile S, Generic RTSP, a significant increase in IP camera compatibility, and a camera patrol function which lets users configure surveillance paths for cameras. Additionally, the newly added eMap function allows users to quickly grasp the situation in every corner of their surveillance topology, while flexible add-on camera licenses meet the demands of users who require additional cameras (6 series devices support a maximum number of 12 channels while 3/2 series devices support 8). In an effort to provide a more comprehensive surveillance platform, Surveillance Center supports both Windows and Mac OS X web browsers and surveillance feeds can also be viewed on HD TVs and monitors via ASUSTOR Portal and also on mobile devices via AiWatch (available for iOS and Android). Users can now enjoy the convenience and advantage of monitoring their surveillance feeds from anywhere and at any time.