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New stuff from Mobile Fun….

Olixar Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamps

Olixar LumiQiLUX Smart LED Desk Lamp_45974_ (11)

These new Olixar Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamps provide both style and function. Unlike a lot of standard charging pads, you’ll want these on your desk even when your phone isn’t charging. There are two models available; one is shorter and more portable, with a built-in battery, and the other is taller and more stately with a sleek design. Both are easily foldable, have dimmer switches and use energy-efficient LEDs.



These lamps are forming part of a Qi home accessories range, which already includes products such as this Qi Tone Alarm Clock / Speaker.




enCharge UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate

Also new in this week are these enCharge USB Charging Wall Plates, which allow you to have USB ports built into your normal mains wall outlets, so you can charge USB devices and continue to use the main socket for other purposes. The USB ports provide 2A of power between them, and use intelligent amperage splitting, so that each device will only use as much power as it needs.

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