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I love my coffee in the morning and this seems really cool…

Eco-friendly Coffee company – Hey Joe Coffee – is proud to announce the Hey Joe Coffee Mug and Portable Brewer. Imagine waiting in traffic on your commute to work and brewing up the perfect cup of coffee, right in your seat. The Hey Joe coffee mug is the first mug on the market that brews the perfect cup, on the go, right in the mug you drink from.

Convenient Coffee

As far as coffee lovers go, the Hey Joe coffee mug is a dream come true. The self-brewing mug is the answer to when you are sitting in lecture, in the middle of an important meeting, on an airplane, or camping. Just power on your mug, and you are minutes away from drinking the perfect cup, freshly brewed just for you.

Aside from the convenience of freshly brewed coffee at a moment’s notice, Hey Joe offers users the option of three different temperatures. Creator Jordan Warren says that the mug came about from a conversation he had with a good friend over a cup of – you guessed it – coffee. “We were talking about how crazy it was that coffee was served so hot that we had to wait ten or fifteen minutes to drink it. Never mind the danger when coffee drinkers are driving. Thus the Hey Joe Coffee mug was born – the first mug that brews to the perfect drinking temperature, and then self regulates.” Users can choose between three settings – warm, hot, and cool – and brew their personalized cup of coffee.

Alongside their mug, Hey Joe is putting out their own brand of coffee. Hey Joe Coffee, made from 100% arabica beans, was designed with quality and taste in mind. A self professed coffee-lover, Warren’s goal was to create coffee that he was excited to drink. Plus, the coffee is stored in eco-friendly pods that can be planted. “Competitor’s coffee pods make up a huge amount of waste that cannot be recycled or composted. As an environmentally conscious company, we wanted to create a more sustainable model.” The solution? Each pod of Hey Joe coffee contains seeds, and the whole pod can be planted, turning your coffee waste into life.

How to Access

Hey Joe Coffee is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to make the Hey Joe Coffee Brewer and Mug a reality. They are looking to raise 20k in order to bring the mug to production and to market. The project will only be funded if they are fully funded by July 3, 2014. Backers who contribute to the project can expect to receive their Hey Joe Coffee Mug by October 2014.

About Hey Joe. Hey Joe is an eco-friendly coffee company that produces high quality products that make drinking a great cup of coffee easier than ever.

About Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where companies, artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs can showcase their ideas for projects and receive funding from the public. Kickstarter has successfully helped fund thousands of independent projects, helping to raise millions of dollars from supporters.

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