Rapoo Announces Newest Collection of Optical Mice

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New mice from Rapoo… not much to say, they’re mice…


Rapoo, a leading manufacturer of wireless peripheral products, unveils its latest collection of optical mice in the U.S.  The 3000P, 3100P, and 3300P all feature the 5GHz standard for wireless and interference-free use, a high resolution DPI sensor, and a sleek, compact design with Nano adapter storage compartment. 

The 3000P Wireless Optical Mouse (left image) is travel-ready, and a must-have item for Notebook users.  Its small and compact size makes it easy to pack or stow away.  The 3000P utilizes advanced energy saving technology which allows the battery to last up to 18 months of continuous use.  The 1000DPI sensor offers complete control of the mouse movements for enhanced performance and productivity.  It’s available in red, gray and blue for $19.99 at www.walmart.com and www.staples.com.

The 3100P Wireless Optical Mouse (middle image) is the ideal option for both left-and-right handed users because of its symmetrical design.  It’s fitted with rubberized grips on the sides for optimal control, and the 1000DPI optical sensor offers accurate movements.  Its batteries also last up to 18 months before needed replacement. The 3100P is available in black, blue, and white with an elegant red design for $19.99 at www.walmart.com.

The 3300P Wireless Optical Mini Mouse (right image) is the smaller counterpart of the 3100P.  It’s about the size of a matchbox, and it can fit into a pocket, purse, or almost any small compartment.  Don’t let its size fool you, the 3100P packs a lot of power, and also features a high-performance 1000DPI optical sensor for complete control.  Its battery lasts up to six months, and it’s available in black or white with an elegant red design for $24.99 at www.walmart.com and www.staples.com.

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About Rapoo

Following its inception in 2002, Rapoo has pioneered innovative and high-quality wireless peripheral products to more than 40 countries around the world.  Each of its products exemplifies a core group of company values: superior quality and cutting-edge design with unrivaled value propositions.  Notable technical accolades include the 5GHz wireless standard and international award-winning designs.

Rapoo’s longevity and sustainability is due to its steadfast commitment to designing, developing and manufacturing a variety of versatile wireless products that enhance the lives of consumers.  Always one step ahead of the industry, Rapoo is equipped with an in-house R&D and Design team and its own state-of-the-art automated manufacturing plant to take charge of all products from conception to execution.

The China-based company works to achieve its goal of evolving and progressing into one of the world’s three largest manufacturers in the wireless peripherals segment by 2016. www.rapoo.com