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This is neat, I wouldn’t mind one of these, might come in handy..

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Running out of your smartphone battery can be a nightmare for your personal life and business success, and dragging messy cables around is one thing to solve this, but what when they break? This is a current problem that many iphone 5 users are now suffering with…
In today’s life we are within close proximity of a USB socket for around 90% of our day! The Echo Connect Key, allows you to plugin to any USB socket, be it in a wall socket – in a bar or restaurant, your laptop or another’s computer, a car, a plane, a train, or at a friends house with their new TV! The USB socket choices we have today are endless and with your Echo Connect Key, you can always access and connect to them, quickly, easily and safely.

The Echo Connect Key:

  • 5cm tall
  • bendy silicone body
  • durable, reliable & ultimate convenience
  • apple licensed lightening connector
  • micro-USB connector for Android

Echo Connect is a key-sized USB connector that can sync and charge your smartphone via any USB socket, any time and in any place from around the world.