KTC Launches H8 Quad Core Android Tablet

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All I can say is that I want one…


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Shenzhen KTC Technology Group has launched a brand-new 8″ tablet PC, the H8, with the aim of changing the pattern of industrial competition. It’s no exaggeration that the H8 is a benchmark product for a new generation of 8-inch tablet PCs. The H8 will be showcased during Computex 2014.

A new generation of tablet PCs has been created by upgrading existing hardware features and adopting newer technologies with new applications and new functions. The H8 is equipped with a 4-core CPU and 8-core GPU, a 5MP autofocus camera, and an HD IPS screen. It supports 3G calls/internet surfing while integrating new functions not found in previous 8-inch tablet PCs. The new H8 is designed to bring you a more comfortable and humanized experience.

Hardware Configuration –

Revolutionary Upgraded

4CPU+4GPU for an optimal user experience.

IPS HD screen with a visual angle of 178°.

Dual HD camera lenses for best camera performance.

With Magnetic Switch, It Can Sleep and Wake Automatically like an iPad

On the iPad and Samsung’s flagship mobile phones, the leather case can signal the screen to sleep and wake automatically. Now this technology is applied to the H8 as well, realized via the magnetic switches embedded in the tablet and case. When the tablet PC is covered with the special-purpose leather case, the user can make the H8 sleep or wake by closing or opening the case rather than sliding to unlock it. For the H8, the leather case doesn’t just protect the screen, but it also simplifies the operation of the tablet PC and enhances the control experience. The application of magnetic switch technology highlights the efforts of KTC to create a new generation of more-humanized 8-inch tablet PCs.

Light Sensor Presents a Comfortable Visual Experience

When using tablet PCs and mobile phones, if the screen is too dark under high brightness and too bright under a weak light, the user’s eyes will feel visual discomfort. Furthermore, looking at the screen for a long time under high brightness contrast may cause harm to the eyes. The H8 integrates a light sensor, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness in accordance with the brightness of the environment, so as to bring the best visual experience to the user.

The light sensor has multiple significances in the H8. It can not only enhance the visual experience of the user, but it also protects the eyes of the user by rendering comfortable images. Also, the screen is a power hungry component of the tablet PC. The function of adaptive brightness adjustment enables the screen of the H8 to regulate the power consumption intelligently, which reduces the power consumption and enhances the duration.

Or visit KTC website: http://www.ktc.com.cn/products/pad/newpad/