Zepp Labs Sports Sensors Now at Best Buy

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Meh.. sports… I used to watch sports all the time but when I stopped drinking the appeal just went away..  oh well..

Zepp Labs, Inc., a leader in sport sensor technology, announced today that its multi-sport sensor and complete product line (Zepp Baseball™, Zepp Golf™ and Zepp Tennis™) are now available for purchase at BestBuy.com and in select Best Buy stores across the country.

“Bringing our products to Best Buy marks a significant moment in our company’s history,” said Jason Fass, CEO of Zepp Labs. ”It’s a tremendous opportunity to introduce our technology to players and coaches around the country and help them excel at the sports they love.”

The Zepp multi-sport sensor enables users to capture and analyze baseball, softball, golf and tennis swings in 3D on iPhone, iPad or Android devices and provides real-time data and instant feedback to help users improve faster.


Zepp Baseball, Zepp Golf and Zepp Tennis are now available for purchase for $149.99 each at select Best Buy stores nationwide and on BestBuy.com. Additional mounts for each sport also are available for $9.99 each. To purchase or check local availability, visit BestBuy.com