Why Retro Style Games?

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The screenshot above is from Lone Survivor and yes I own it and I played it and it has a great premise and I think I would really enjoy the game but I can’t because of the graphics.

I’ve not just picking on Lone Survivor, it’s all these so-called retro games, some look even worse than Lone Survivor, I’ve seen Atari games that look better than some of the retro games that are coming out now in terms of graphics really.

I’ve got a decent computer with a good graphics card, I’m sorry but I want things to look good, I guess maybe I’m spoiled by great graphics. I guess the graphics shouldn’t impact the game, but to me they do, I enjoy that game more if it looks good. Lone Survivor is just an example and it has  great storyline but I just couldn’t get into because of the graphics, if they re-did the game with ‘good’ graphics than I’d be all over it, but as is I just can’t play it. I tried playing it on the PS3 and it just looks horrible on a 47” HDTV, it hurt my eyes.

I don’t understand why we have this surge of retro style games. Another one is Hotline Miami, I have it for PS Vita and computer and the graphics are just so dated to me, but yet it’s wildly popular, I don’t get it.

I get some people like this, but I don’t, to me I think it’s a waste of processing power and it’s just ugly honestly.

We spend all this money on these next gen consoles and powerful CPUs and ridiculously expensive graphics cards only to play a game that looks like it belongs on the original Nintendo or NES?! It makes no sense to me at all.

Some of these games could be awesome if they were done utilizing the power that they could be on the consoles and computers.

I’m willing to give anything a try, I’ve got over 500 game on Steam and yes many of them are these retro style games, I heard good things about them so I bought them only to be just disappointed honestly. The games could be so much more.

I guess I’m fixating or spoiled on good graphics, but why not have great graphics if you can? To me these retro style graphics just spoil or ruin what could be an awesome game.

I’ve read articles about younger people who can’t believe we played and enjoyed the games on our older computers and consoles. I loved my Commodore 64, loved to play the games, but compared to today those graphics are horrible obviously. I owned Intellivision, PlayStation, Sega, Sega Genesis and sure they were fun but people today complain those graphics are bad but yet they love these retro style games coming out today. That just makes no damn sense to me at all.

I don’t know, I don’t like this whole retro gaming thing that’s going on now. More and more games are done in the retro style and it’s not for me, give me a beautiful looking game that pushes the limits of my system any day and I’ll be happy.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this way either, there has to be others out there, or maybe it’s just me ?!

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