X-Doria Dash Folio Spin Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review @ TestFreaks

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Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-x-doria-dash-folio-spin-for-galaxy-s5/

"Today I am reviewing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 made by X-Doria. This particular model is the Dash Folio Spin. One thing I have noticed on the S5 and having had the S4 other than the large screen and the beautiful 5.1 Full HD Super AMOLED Display (On the S5) is that the phone looks particularly frail and so a case that surrounds the phone and protects it from all sides seems to be a needed accessory. And as you will find I am a simple and humble man, I have simple and humble dreams and so arrived this caseā€¦ "