KickStarter: GoPlug Power Bags

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Another KickStarter project.. not something I’d need but you might be interested…

Keeping smartphones, tablets or laptops charged is a constant concern for millions of users.  With mobile electronic devices being relied on for hours every day, batteries often run out at the most inconvenient times.  Because having a reliable source of mobile recharging power is important for everyone from busy families to business professionals and travelers, new GoPlug Powered Bags were created and have just been introduced on the social media crowd funding website Kickstarter.

Offered in backpack and carry-on roller bag styles, GoPlug Power Bags look like sleek, modern luggage while keeping electronic devices charged when a power outlet isn’t close by.  Equipped a rechargeable built-in 12 volt Lithium Polymer battery, every GoPlug Power Bag has the capacity to charge a smartphone up to six times, or a tablet or laptop computer twice, on a single charge.  Each bag contains a grounded three prong standard outlet and two USB ports so that more than one device can be charged at a time, and the outlet box swivels so that devices can be charged either while plugged in from the outside or while zipped into the interior of the bag. The power source battery can be recharged from any standard outlet in less than 2 hours through the included extension cord.

The lightweight and water resistant bags are constructed from top quality Cordura Nylon or 600 denier PolyTek materials, and feature special padded compartments to hold electronic devices as well as ample storage for books, clothing and other travel essentials.  The roomy backpack models feature padded belts, adjustable shoulder straps and grab handles.  The standard carry-on size roller bags feature retractable trolley bars and side grip handles.  Two GoPlug models are fitted with multiple interior compartments especially designed to hold lenses, cameras and equipment for photographers.

GoPlug Power Bags were invented by a young father and documentary filmmaker who was faced with such diverse challenges as powering up his cameras while on location in remote Alaska, to keeping his young daughter’s video game player charged in the backseat of his car in suburban Salt Lake City.

GoPlug Power Bags will retail for $199 to $459, and are available to order through Kickstarter.  More information is at