Odin Mobile Selling Nexus 5

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Never heard of Odin Mobile, but they’ve got a good price on a phone I want, the Nexus 5…

Following up on its sale of Nexus 4 from Google™, Odin Mobile will continue to improve access to Android™ for people who are blind or visually impaired by selling the 16 GB Nexus 5.  Nexus 5 is an ideal Android device for people who are blind because it quickly receives updates to the Android operating system, bringing its users the latest in Android accessibility. 

Consumers can purchase Nexus 5 from Odin Mobile with a unique instructional package that will include one-on-one tutorials on how to use the accessibility features of Android.  Tutorials will be provided over the phone by experts who are themselves blind.  The package will also include the ability to call our experts and receive support for a period of one month after purchase of the device.  During this period, our experts will assist with a host of issues, such as recommending accessible applications, as well as helping customers perform particular tasks.  Odin Mobile will sell the device, plus the instructional package, for $399.  Customers must purchase a plan to take advantage of this offer.

Robert Felgar, the general manager of Odin Mobile, explained that "Odin Mobile’s unique instructional package will significantly shorten the amount of time it takes people who are blind, and might otherwise have difficulty adjusting to the use of a touch screen device, to learn how to use a smart phone effectively."

Consumers who do not wish to purchase the instructional package, can purchase Nexus 5 from Odin Mobile for $359 with a plan (unlimited plans start at $40).  Shipping is free.           

Nexus 5 will also include a widget on the home screen that will highlight eight applications that may be particularly useful to people who are blind or visually impaired.  With Talkback, the Android tool for eyes-free use, the user can explore the widget by touch.  As the user moves his or her finger over an application, Nexus 5 will announce the application’s name and describe its purpose.  After selecting an application in the widget, and double tapping the device, Nexus 5 takes the user to the Google Play™ store app to guide him or her through the installation process.  The widget, and a number of its applications, is being provided by Apps4Android, one of the world’s largest developers of Android accessibility applications.

To increase the affordability of service, Odin Mobile will introduce a new unlimited plan for $40, pursuant to which customers will receive unlimited talk, text and data, with the first 500 MB at 4G speeds.   

For additional information about Odin Mobile, please visit www.odinmobile.com