Squify The Worlds First 3D Search Engine

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This is interesting, but I don’t see it replacing Google or Bing anytime soon..

The world’s first 3D search engine Squify.com launching today aims to usher in a new era of search powered by people, not corporations.

Squify – Join the revolution from Squify on Vimeo.

Today sees the launch of the world’s first 3D search engine by Squify.com. The new search engine is notable for a number of reasons. Not only are search results on Squify.com rendered in a dynamic 3D format, searches are not tracked to protect user privacy and a proportion of the advertising revenue is donated to good causes too. The creators are calling it “the search engine that gives back to society.”

Squify.com: search results are displayed in a clutter-free and visually appealing carousel, with images, videos and other relevant apps featured to create an interactive, exciting search experience.

Alex Wheeler, Squify.com CEO explains what uses can expect from a Squify search:

“Squify’s search results are unbiased and un-manipulated making them relevant because we don’t have global brand names fighting to bid for the top place or top spot.  The algorithms and people power used to create relevancy of search results are just as effective as those produced by the global giants if not even better. Put them side to side and do a test to see for yourself.”

Squify.com isn’t just about better looking, more relevant search results though. The new search engine will appeal to the increasing number of internet users who are fed up with the major search engines’ user profiling and data capture practices and cookie tracking.

Squify.com represents a welcome alternative for people looking for search engines that do not track or save searches following the recent scandals relating to NSA’s harvesting of communications data.

User privacy is a key motivator behind the new search engine as Wheeler explains, “We didn’t like the way the internet had changed from being a cool place all about knowledge to a harvesting ground for personal information and a place for corporations to dictate what you do based on what is profitable for them. So we decided to become the opposite. We don’t save your searches, we will never become a global corporate giant, and a large percentage of our profits go to charities and good causes.”

The new search engine has been specially designed to create revenue for charities and users can nominate specific charities to receive the revenue from any ads they click on. Over 10,000 national and local charities are already signed up to benefit from advertising revenue donations and the number is rising steadily.

Squify.com developers are clear about the philanthropic side of the venture. “At least 50% and in the future we hope up to 95% of all advertising profits are used to help charities selected by users, the rest we plan to use to develop Squify.com and open source software projects. No fat cats, no investors, no Greed. Ok, we have a few chubby geeks but it’s not the same!” says Alex Wheeler.

The new 3D search engine is now live at www.squify.com and users are urged to try it for themselves.