Jabra Launches MOTION Office Bluetooth Headset System

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Wow… price is $380, but still, WoW!

Jabra, a leading manufacturer of innovative audio solutions, today announced that it will preview its new MOTION™ Office wireless headset at Enterprise Connect, March 17-20 in Orlando, Fl.  The MOTION Office is the latest addition to Jabra’s suite of award-winning mobile Bluetooth headsets for office environments. It features triple connectivity – enabling it to answer and end calls from landline, softphone and mobile phones. Designed around the philosophy that technology should adapt to users – not the other way around – the MOTION Office delivers a full set of intuitive features that enable mobile professionals to focus on their work.

The new Jabra MOTION Office adds a desktop docking station to the highly popular Jabra MOTION thus giving it the added advantage of connecting to a landline phone as well as a softphone or mobile. The MOTION Office base can also serve as a community desktop docking station allowing other MOTION headset users to use the MOTION Office base while sharing the workspace or hot desking. To further simplify connecting with host devices, the MOTION Office features Near Field Communication technology making it easy to instantly pair with mobile phones and tablets with little more than a simple touch.

"We’re well into this new age of work being defined as ‘what we do,’ rather than ‘where we work,’" Pete Fox, general manager, Jabra North America. "The big idea now is simplicity and adaptability. Complexity is no longer acceptable. We expect our technology to understand intuitively what we want it to do so we can focus on the work at hand. The Jabra MOTION Office takes a big stride in this direction."

With superior Class 1 Bluetooth protocol, the MOTION Office also gives the device up to an astounding 100 meter/300 foot range from its host computer or docking station – far beyond traditional Bluetooth technology’s standard of up to 30 feet – so users can stay connected in the office or on the go.

"The need to seamlessly transition any given call back and forth between a traditional desk phone to a mobile phone or web conference with a single headset seems like a no-brainer, but that functionality was not available until now," said Sheila McGee-Smith, industry analyst and president, McGee-Smith Analytics.  "Paired with greatly enhanced distance support, Jabra MOTION Office offers a comprehensive mobility solution."

The MOTION Office delivers on the promise of adaptive, intuitive design with built-in sensors that automatically answer incoming calls when the headset is picked up and placed on the user’s ear. The Power Nap mode puts the device to sleep after long periods of inactivity, prolonging battery life and talk time. Depending on the user’s surroundings, the MOTION™ Office will even automatically adjust the volume for maximum comfort and clarity. Voice Commands allow wearers to answer or reject incoming calls, play music, and call back missed calls. The device verbally provides audio notifications of crucial status updates, such as connectivity and low battery.

Pricing and Availability:
The MOTION Office will be available early in Q2 2014 through Jabra Business Solutions partners with a MSRP of $380.00 USD.